Kemira MaxXtract™

cEOR solutions

Custom-tailored for operator choice and convenience

Kemira MaxXtract cEOR solutions are designed to extract more production and extend the field life of mature hydrocarbon resources. Our MaxXtract solutions are defined by our PERFORMA, EXTEND and PRIME offerings.

Whether your requirements are chemical products, chemicals and hydration equipment, or a combination of chemicals, hydration equipment and managed field services to oversee the entire polymer injection operation, our custom-tailored approach matches your needs.



The choice of chemicals is critical to the overall success of polymer flooding operations. Our custom-made, high-quality KemSweep™ polymers ensure maximum reservoir sweep efficiency, while scale inhibitors and biocides protect the formation. Our extensive expertise and a wide range of coagulants and flocculants support the treatment of produced water. With our global supply chain, we are able to deliver products into multiple locations conducting chemical EOR operations.


PERFORMA + equipment

To complement our full range of polymers and other chemistries for polymer flooding, our EXTEND offering also provides KemHydra™ equipment. Engineered for polyacrylamide make-down and injection for onshore and offshore applications, equipment sizes range from yard trials to full-field injections. In addition, our KemConnect™ cEOR smart process management platform allows you to monitor the polymer injection operations online – 24/7.


EXTEND + field services

When customers require a turnkey operational approach to working with chemicals and equipment, we deploy our field service teams. As a result, you get a total chemistry management service, that increases your success rate and lowers operational risk through tailored chemical solutions, polymer hydration and injection equipment, field services, and 24/7 monitoring.

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