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Kemira’s career opportunities tool contains our open positions, allowing you to search open positions and apply either with your own application or using LinkedIn. You can also create a profile as an open application. Please submit resumes and related materials in English.

Position Apply before Country
Plant Manager/Managing Director 2019-01-22 Netherlands
Coordinator, Customer Order Management with Norwegian 2019-01-23 Poland
Customer Service Team Leader 2019-01-23 Poland
Distribution Replenishment Planner with English 2019-01-24 Poland
Manager, Infrastructure Services 2019-01-25 Finland
Team Leader DRP 2019-01-25 Poland
Sr. Accountant, F&A, South America 1 2019-01-26 Brazil
Sales representative, P&P 2019-01-31 Poland
Sähköautomaatiomestari Joutsenoon (kesätyö) 2019-01-31 Finland
Päivämestari Kuusankoskelle (kesätyö) 2019-01-31 Finland
Kesämestareita Joutsenoon 2019-01-31 Finland
Coordinator, Customer Order Management with French 2019-01-31 Poland
Vuoromestari Äetsään (kesätyö) 2019-01-31 Finland
Kesämestari Harjavaltaan 2019-01-31 Finland
Kunnossapitomestari Joutsenoon (kesätyö) 2019-01-31 Finland
Quality Control Laboratory Analyst 2019-02-01 United Kingdom
Supply Planning Manager 2019-02-01 United States
Logistics and Distribution Coordinator 2019-02-01 United States
Sr. Research/Principal Scientist 2019-02-01 United States
Kesämestari Poriin 2019-02-01 Finland
Technical Sales Representative (Oil Sands) 1 2019-02-01 Canada
Kunnossapitomestari 2019-02-04 Finland
Sähköautomaatioasentaja 2019-02-11 Finland
TSR for Kentucky 2019-02-16 United States
Summer Trainee, R&D, Process Development and Control & Monitoring 2019-02-17 Finland
Summer Trainee, R&D, Polymer Chemistries 2019-02-17 Finland
Summer Trainee, R&D, Microbiology and Biotechnology 2019-02-17 Finland
Summer Trainee, R&D, Fiber & Bioeconomy 2019-02-17 Finland
Summer Trainee, R&D, Oil & Gas 2019-02-17 Finland
Summer Trainee, R&D, Water Treatment 2019-02-17 Finland
Summer Trainee, R&D, Analytics 2019-02-17 Finland
Kesätöihin Kemiralle Joutsenoon 2019-02-18 Finland
Kesätöihin Kemiralle Äetsään 2019-02-18 Finland
Kesätöihin Kemiralle Ouluun 2019-02-18 Finland
Tuotantoassistentti Harjavaltaan & Poriin (kesätyö) 2019-02-18 Finland
Kesätöihin Kemiralle Harjavaltaan 2019-02-18 Finland
Kesätöihin Kemiralle Poriin 2019-02-18 Finland
Kesätöihin Kemiralle Kuusankoskelle 2019-02-18 Finland
Lehrstelle für Chemieverfahrenstechnik 2019-02-28 Austria
Customer Service Representative with Spanish 2019-02-28 Poland
Coordinator, Customer Order Management with Dutch 2019-02-28 Poland
Technical Service Rep 2019-03-01 United States
Service Desk Agent 1 2019-03-01 Brazil
Skilled Mechanic 2019-03-02 United States
Team Manager, Fiber and WetEnd 2019-03-30 United States
Eletrician 2019-04-01 United States
Production Supervisor 2019-04-01 United States
Maintenance Technician / Mechanic 2019-04-01 United States
Terminal Manager 2019-04-01 United States
Application Specialist, Equipment Solutions, P&P, EMEA (m/f/d) 2019-04-01 Germany
EL & Instrument tekniker 2019-07-31 Sweden
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