Adding to your everyday

At Kemira, we use our chemistry to improve your everyday. It means making your packaging lighter and stronger, your paper towels softer, and your print colors brighter. We make your drinking water safe, your wastewater clean, and by adding our chemistry, you get more out of energy resources.
By adding our expertise, your everyday business runs smoother and more efficiently. You add a committed partner who innovates together with you and creates solutions for a profitable, sustainable future. Our job is to add value while adding peace of mind.

We call it adding to your everyday.


Find interesting articles and stories and get a glimpse of the projects we are working on. Register to upcoming webinars or see the on-demand recordings. For further insight on our solutions look for expert interviews and white papers.


To flush or not to flush?

Most of us take clean water for granted, and don’t even spare a thought for our sewer system and water treatment facilities – particularly when it comes to what we put down our toilets or kitchen sinks. The list of things that can be flushed is short, while the list of things that in reality end up in the sewers is much longer. We took a closer look at the problem with two experts from the Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY).

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To flush or not to flush?

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