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Kemira is a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions for water-intensive industries. Our customers include industrial and municipal water treatment operators, and pulp & paper industry among others. We provide the best-suited products and services to improve our customers’ product quality, process, and resource efficiency. Our focus is on water treatment, renewable solutions, and digital services. In 2023, Kemira had annual revenue of around EUR 3.4 billion and around 5,000 employees. Kemira shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.



with solid profitability

Number of employees


on six continents

Sales in over



We help to build more
sustainable societies

Our focus is just as much on saving costs for customers as helping deliver a positive impact on society.
As a global company we share a vision of building sustainable societies and the partner of choice
to deliver innovation into global markets.


Kemira strategy towards 2030

Sustainability transformation driving profitable growth – by the end of 2030 over 500 million of our revenue will come from biobased product portfolio.

Kemira will become the leading provider of sustainable chemical solutions for water-intensive industries

We enable more sustainable processes and products for our customers

We aim for
long-term growth

We continue to drive profitability and operational excellence


Our business is organized into two customer-based segments. Pulp & Paper represents some 60% of our group revenues, and Industry & Water 40%.

Population growth, urbanization, and the increase in water consumption mean that the natural water cycle can no longer manage water pollution by itself. Without chemicals, the current level of safe water supply and sustainable wastewater treatment cannot be maintained. Today, more than 80% of the wastewater produced globally is still discharged back into rivers and seas without any treatment. Our water treatment chemistry offers solutions to address this.

Public concern about the environmental pollution caused by plastics, particularly plastic packaging, has speeded up the demand for alternative solutions. Fiber-based, renewable and recyclable materials are increasing in demand. We help the material producers with our expertise: chemistry underpins virtually every characteristic of fiber board used in packaging and secures raw material and energy efficient production processes.

We want to become the leading provider of sustainable chemical solutions for the water-intensive industries and increase the share of biobased products in our portfolio significantly by the end of 2030. When it comes to our own operations, we aim to be carbon neutral by 2045.

Research & development

Our deep R&D and application know-how, secure supply network and complete technology portfolio are some of the reasons why we are a safe and reliable, efficient and sustainable partner for our customers. Our world-class chemistry expertise is supported by R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia. We work together with customers, suppliers and research organizations to provide cutting-edge solutions that can be applied to solve customers’ and societies challenges.

R&D experts


in 3 centers

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Kemira values support our vision, shape our culture and drive our business. Kemira values ensure all our employees work towards the same goals.

We drive performance and innovation.

We are dedicated to customer success.

We care for people and the environment.

We succeed


We are committed to operating safely, responsibly and reducing our environmental impacts. We ensure the safe production and use of our products throughout their lifecycle.

Safety is the foundation of everything we do: Our business depends on our ability to operate processes at our manufacturing sites safely, transport high quality products to customers on time and without incident, ensure our customers understand how to handle our products and that the final consumer product is safe to use. That’s why safety has always been a central focus in Kemira and our improved performance is testament to our capability and continuous focus. As best-practice evolves and new innovations are made, we want to put these to use across our activities in a process of continuous improvement.

Product Stewardship

Kemira’s Product Stewardship Policy defines the minimum requirements for our operations to ensure that our products can be safely used by our stakeholders, and that chemical risks and their impacts are incorporated in decision-making relating to our business. Product stewardship is the key pillar in the Responsible Care program and involves the proactive management of the health, safety and environmental aspects of a product throughout its lifecycle.

Priority substance management

We actively track our portfolio for priority substances that are subject to future regulatory restrictions or associated with particular concerns, and prepare management plans for these substances (incl. products, raw materials, process aids and intermediates). Our priority substance management plan aims to define the specific risks associated with each substance, examine options for managing these specific risks, and formulate action plans for the preferred options. These options to mitigate risks may include, for example, substitution, phase-out or limiting exposure.

Product lifecycle management

All of our products, handled raw materials and intermediates need to comply with all applicable chemical regulatory requirements in the countries where we manufacture and/or sell chemicals. Assessments examining regulatory compliance, human health impact, safety issues and environmental protection aspects all form part of our Product Lifecycle Management process from conception and development to manufacturing and sales, and finally to product elimination.

Product regulatory compliance

The manufacturing and sale of chemicals are widely regulated around the world. Continuous follow-up of the regulatory development activities is the prerequisite for business compliance and plays a key role in ensuring product safety for customers, value chain and stakeholders.

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