Worker at wastewater treatment plant.


We want all our employees and contractors working for us to go home safe and healthy, every day.

Two factory workers focusing on Predictive Wet End dashboard.

We are committed to operating safely, responsibly and reducing our environmental impacts. We ensure the safe production and use of our products throughout their lifecycle.

Safety has always been a central focus in Kemira and our improved performance is testament to our capability and continuous focus. As best-practice evolves and new innovations are made, we want to put these to use across our activities in a process of continuous improvement.

Only a safe business is a sustainable business

Do you think this helmet is the only safety measure we have? Anne Helenius-Heir, our Vice President of EHSQ, will show you that safety is much more at Kemira. Listen in!

One example is our TRIF, the Total Recordable Incident Frequency. In 2023, our TRIF was 2.5 which was above our annual target of 1.9. Our aim is to continuously improve our TRI-Frequency to 1.5 by the end of 2025, and to 1.1 by the end of 2030.


1.5 by the end of 2025 and
1.1 by the end of 2030

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