Municipal water and wastewater treatment plants are forced to comply with tightening regulatory requirements, while tackling global megatrends, such as climate change, a growing population and scarcity of resources combined with rising costs and supply-chain insecurities. Kemira offers a range of innovative solutions to optimize all stages of the water treatment process, reduce expenses for energy, labor and chemicals, while safely achieving the targeted water quality.
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Water treatment webinars

Learn about smart solutions for wastewater disinfection, phosphorus treatment and sludge dewatering – and study the benefits of chemical water treatment in terms of CO2 footprint, cost optimization, and more.


Towards carbon-neutral water treatment

This playbook contains best-practice municipal case studies, chemistry application videos, on-demand webinars and other valuable insights on data-driven, sustainable wastewater treatment.

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Chemical offerings optimized with digital solutions

Kemira offers a unique combination of more than 100 years of chemistry-application expertise, an end-to-end portfolio of high-performing chemicals, and a selection of digital solutions to optimize each stage of the treatment process.

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Visibility, predictability, and insight you need for running efficient and sustainable processes.

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Energy efficient wastewater treatment

The amount of energy consumed in wastewater treatment plants across the world is estimated at 1-3% of global energy output. Learn how wastewater treatment plants can tackle increasing energy prices, scarcity of resources, and tightening regulations, while maintaining stable and future-proof operations.

Raw water & drinking water

No raw water is exactly the same. Drinking water producers need precision and consistency to meet strict criteria for safe and reliable water at all times. Water-based industrial processes can be optimized with the right kind of chemistry. Kemira’s deep expertise is available for support, backed by 100 years of experience and a leading position in water treatment solutions.

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Wastewater treatment plays an important role in society, and in enabling a clean water cycle. A plant using chemical treatment will always be the most compact plant and leave the smallest possible environmental footprint. Kemira has industry-leading expertise and a complete technology portfolio to solve any challenge in wastewater treatment and reuse. We can help you in optimizing processes and in ensuring compliance with regulation.

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Sludge from wastewater treatment must be dewatered to the highest possible dry solids content to make transport, utilization and disposal more economical. But sludge is never easy to handle due to its varying composition. We can help separate solids from liquids in all sludge types and using any dewatering equipment, ensuring the best possible water quality and recovery rates.

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Latest articles


Expansion to meet the demands of UK water customers

With the UK water industry facing turbulent times, stability and control as well as security of supply are the watchwords of the day. With its wide, flexible UK manufacturing base for coagulants and polymers, as well as smart digital dosing and control solutions, Kemira is well placed to meet the growing future needs of the industry and to smooth the journey towards a more stable and sustainable future.

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Chemistry for sustainable battery recycling

The global market for batteries is growing fast, largely due to rising demand for electric vehicles. But can production keep up and what happens after batteries are used? Fortum Battery Recycling, a business line part of the energy company, is setting up a sustainable recycling process with help from Kemira and our chemistry.

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Award-winning phosphorus recovery

Watch this on-demand webinar, to learn how innovative technology is positively impacting phosphorus recovery performance at a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Germany.

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