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the ABC of water treatment

Kemira’s Water Handbook

Get your free PDF copy of Kemira’s Water Handbook – the ABC of water treatment now! We have updated and republished our esteemed and much used guide to include the latest developments and research in water treatment applications and technologies. It is the ultimate water treatment reference book for water treatment professionals, researchers, students and other partners.

Kemira’s Water Handbook describes the methods and processes that are used today for treating water in its various forms and conditions, not forgetting new smart process management options, enabled by digitalization.

The book is addresses key questions like “why do we need clean water?” but also discusses very specific applications on a technical level, such as:

  • drinking water treatment
  • wastewater treatment
  • sludge treatment
  • precipitation
  • coagulation and flocculation.

Another important chapter is resource efficiency in water treatment, elaborating on the hidden potential of wastewater and how to utilize it in the most efficient way. Generating biogas from sewage and the different ways of handling nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen or struvite are just some examples of what this book is looking into.

Created by esteemed professionals

The handbook has been created by water treatment professionals across our global organization, with extensive application and chemistry know-how. As the leading water treatment chemistry experts, we want to support the industry with the best available information and to allow water to continue its cycle sustainably for generations to come. Download your free PDF version of the guide now!

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