Digital services for water-intensive industries

Kemira KemConnect™

the science of water treatment – the power of data

Maximize your water treatment process efficiency, improve sustainability performance, and ensure that your operations comply with all relevant regulations and standards, using a combination of our high-quality chemicals, digital technologies, and 100+ years of expertise.

Solutions for water treatment

KemConnect™ solutions enable data-driven chemistry management for the key areas of water treatment. Our solutions for real-time monitoring, advanced process control and optimization, and predictive analytics build transparency, provide a deeper understanding of your process, and enable proactive and timely action for your plant’s operations.

Primary treatment

Optimize your chemical pre-treatment process, stabilize your biological treatment process, and enable various downstream efficiency improvements with Kemira KemConnect™ PT.

Sludge dewatering

Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions of your sludge treatment to meet your KPI targets with Kemira KemConnect™ SD.

Phosphorus removal

Reliably meet stricter phosphorus discharge levels and optimize your chemical consumption with Kemira KemConnect™ P.

Wastewater disinfection

Efficiently eliminate harmful bacteria with Kemira KemConnect™ DEX for environment-friendly wastewater disinfection.

Odor and corrosion control

Reliably tackle harmful odor and prolong the lifecycle of sewer and wastewater systems with Kemira KemConnect™ OCC.

Chemical stock management

Ensure a reliable chemical supply and simplify your inventory management with Kemira KemConnect™ VMI.

Data-driven chemistry management

The digital services we offer our customers today are built on our over 100 years of expertise in chemical products and application know-how.

We have developed unique, real-time monitoring and control technologies for chemistry applications to support performance optimization, fast troubleshooting, and continuous improvement.

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