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Sludge dewatering

Kemira KemConnect™ SD is an efficient and reliable solution for the chemical treatment of sludge optimized with digital tools to help you achieve your KPI targets.

Kemira KemConnect™ SD offers a 24/7 stabilized sludge treatment process, enabling energy savings and CO2 footprint reduction. The service includes the selection and supply of chemistry, provision of online equipment, recommendations for optimal dosage points, and a customized reporting system. The KemConnect platform allows you to continuously monitor all relevant performance parameters and cost savings in real time.


KemConnect™ SD benefits include

Optimized sludge conditioning

Changes in process conditions – such as sludge characteristics and temperature – require appropriate adjustment of the polymer dosage.

Our online analytics and patented dosage control algorithm ensure continuous real-time optimization of your sludge management.

Lower costs

Process transparency, automation, and dosage control bring significant cost savings.

Savings come from reduced suspended solids in the centrate and drier sludge, which results in lower sludge hauling and disposal costs. Operational costs are reduced with automated sampling and analysis of centrate and sludge.

Peace of mind

Turnkey installation and start-up, expert chemical recommendations, and dosage advice – along with employee training and technical support – ensure a fully optimized process.

Automated reports and alerts via email/SMS – along with 24/7 access to online dashboards and process KPIs – provide peace of mind that the sludge dewatering process is optimized and the effluent is compliant with permit and regulatory limits.

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Sludge dewatering – the smart way

Around 10–20% of the operational costs of wastewater plants are in sludge disposal. Have you optimized your sludge handling to the max? Watch our on-demand webinar to find out exactly how. In this 45-minute session Kemira experts Jean-Christophe Ades and Jussi Ruotsalainen discuss how the dry solids of the dewatered sludge can be significantly increased and the amount of sludge minimized.

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Digital sludge dewatering helps Dutch city reduce carbon footprint

Wastewater treatment plants are setting ambitious new sustainability targets. Learn how one environmentally progressive plant in the Netherlands is optimizing their chemical consumption and carbon footprint by embracing digital solutions for advanced sludge treatment.


Copenhagen opts for performance-based sludge treatment model

Cutting the costs of sludge management and disposal is a constant challenge for wastewater treatment plants. Struvite causes headaches, too. With the help of smart chemistry, Danish wastewater treatment company BIOFOS was able to successfully tackle both these issues head-on.

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