Sludge dewatering – the smart way

Around 10–20% of the operational costs of wastewater plants are in sludge disposal. Have you optimized your sludge handling to the max? Watch our on-demand webinar to find out exactly how.
A factory worker looking at a tablet dashboard.

In this 45-minute session Kemira experts Jean-Christophe Ades and Jussi Ruotsalainen discuss how the dry solids of the dewatered sludge can be significantly increased and the amount of sludge minimized.

Our approach is based on a combination of the correct state-of-the-art chemistry and Kemira KemConnect™ smart process management technologies. Jean-Christophe and Jussi will also share some real-life case studies from customer sites.


Jean-Christophe Ades

Senior Marketing Manager, Water treatment
Industry & Water EMEA, Kemira
Jussi Ruotsalainen.

Jussi Ruotsalainen

Manager, Application Development, Advanced Water Treatment
Espoo, Finland