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Kemira KemConnect™ DEX is a chlorine-free automated disinfection solution.

Water can be disinfected and reused using a variety of methods. Kemira KemConnect™ DEX is an environment-friendly, chemical disinfection solution. It is efficient and reliable, and able to disinfect all kinds of water even under changing process conditions. The solution is based on performic acid (PFA) and a compact on-site generator system, providing safe water with no disinfection by-products and decomposing completely in a few minutes.


KemConnect™ DEX benefits include

Effective and sustainable disinfection at low doses

PFA is highly effective at low doses with flexible disinfectant feed rates.

Because PFA is chlorine-free and does not produce toxic by-products, KemConnect DEX is a sustainable disinfection strategy.

Cost efficient and convenient

Unlike UV disinfection, KemConnect DEX requires a low capital investment and has a low energy demand, decreasing your operational costs. The on-site PFA production system is compact and can be used to disinfect all kinds of water.

Automated dosing and full process visibility

The disinfection process is monitored and controlled through a secure online platform. Customized email and SMS notifications and reports keep you informed about the process status.

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Wastewater disinfection – the smart way

Water scarcity and reuse, strict regulation as well as constant pressure to cut costs and find environmentally friendly solutions, are some of the key drivers impacting wastewater disinfection. This webinar session discusses new emerging methods with low capital investment and energy needs, combining chemistry expertise with smart technologies.


Good cooperation saves the summer season in Étretat, France

After fire damaged the wastewater treatment plant serving the popular summer destination of Étretat on France’s north coast, there was no time to lose if the beaches were to be reopened in time for the peak holiday season. Thanks to good cooperation between public authorities, SUEZ Eau France and Kemira, the plant’s new disinfection solution was up and running just seven days after the fire.


Healthy and happy bathing in and around Berlin

Cooling off with a dip in a local lake or river is one of the great joys of summer – as long as any wastewater discharged there has been properly cleaned. The huge task of treating the wastewater of the German capital, Berlin, falls to Berliner Wasserbetriebe. When the company needed a quick, safe, and effective fix for the summertime wastewater disinfection shortfall at its biggest treatment plant, it turned to Kemira.

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