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Phosphorus removal

Kemira KemConnect™ P is a solution for efficient and reliable chemical optimization to proactively support your KPIs.

With phosphorus removal, strict continuous compliance is key. This is what the Kemira KemConnect P is for.

Our algorithm for multiple dosing points doses the exact amount of coagulants required for chemical phosphate removal even under changing process conditions. The KemConnect platform enables 24/7 water discharge compliance and contributes to environmental protection at the best total cost of ownership.

KemConnect™ P benefits include

Reliable operational performance and stable effluent quality

Changing process conditions – such as fluctuating feed rates and phosphorus loads – require appropriate adjustment of the coagulant dosage.

Continuous monitoring combined with precise control over product dosing at multiple dosing points optimizes chemical use to ensure compliant water discharge quality.

Optimized chemical dosing and lower costs

Our online analytics and patented multiple dosing point control algorithm ensure continuous real-time process optimization, ensuring the right dose is administered at the right time and in the right place.

Peace of mind

Turnkey installation and start-up, expert chemical recommendations, and dosage advice – along with employee training and technical support – ensure a fully optimized process.

Automated reports and alerts via email/SMS – along with 24/7 access to online dashboards and process KPIs – provide peace of mind that the effluent is compliant with permits and regulatory phosphorus discharge limits.

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Phosphorus treatment – the smart way

Phosphorus has a crucial role in food production and fertilizer manufacturing but in wastewater it is a nuisance, leading to eutrophication of our waterways. Phosphorus removal from wastewater is most efficient when combining the right chemistry expertise with smart technologies.


Veolia keeps Prague’s wastewater pristine with KemConnect™ P

The lively city of Prague is known for its Baroque architecture, rich history and vibrant culture. At Kemira, we believe the city’s wastewater treatment deserves a bit of the spotlight too. Our customer Veolia is keeping Prague’s water pristine by meeting strict phosphorus requirements and reducing their CO2 footprint – all while saving costs.


Optimizing phosphorus removal performance and minimizing costs in Olomouc

The wastewater treatment plant in Olomouc, Czech Republic has long been a forerunner in smart process optimization. Kemira and the plant’s operator, Veolia Group, have built on this and their decades-long relationship to implement a smart digital solution – KemConnect™ P – to optimize the dosing of chemicals for phosphate removal.

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