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Chemical stock management

Save time with uninterrupted and automated inventory management.

Kemira KemConnect™ VMI is an advanced tool for round-the-clock online remote collection and monitoring of process data. The solution analyzes your chemical stock levels to simplify inventory management and enable quicker delivery response times. Smarter chemical management, leading to improved cost efficiency.

KemConnect™ VMI benefits include

Full visibility with real-time data

KemConnect VMI provides full transparency to your chemical inventory around the clock.

Improved operational efficiency

Automated order processes help to optimize your chemical inventory and reduce manual work.

Reliable on-time delivery

By better anticipating order needs you can reduce your logistics costs and ensure a reliable, uninterrupted chemical supply.

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Efficient operations through smart chemical stock management

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how smart technology is enabling water intensive industries become more efficient.


Working together to keep transport costs down

The transportation market in Europe is going through a period of long-term structural change, which has had a serious knock-on effect on chemical-industry supply chains. In order to thrive in this new reality, it is vital that all stakeholders in the value chain embrace flexible and collaborative working methods. Kemira’s Wido Waelput discusses what we can do to keep costs competitive.

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