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Kemira KemConnect™ PT is an automated solution to optimize the chemical pre-treatment process, enabling various downstream efficiency improvements.

The system is designed to maximize the energy savings and energy production of a wastewater treatment plant and to maintain a consistent level of treatment within a minimum and maximum range. The application of such a system can limit or prolong the need for major plant expansion while addressing sustainability goals at the same time.


The main objective is to settle just enough primary solids to alleviate most of the burden on the aeration process, hence lowering the energy required for aeration. The second objective is to increase biogas production by increasing the amount of more easily biodegradable sludge sent from the primary treatment step to the digestors as opposed to secondary sludge, which is much harder for the bacteria to digest.

The system includes the measurement of flow, turbidity, and suspended solids in the influent wastewater, as well as the measurement of ammonium, phosphate, COD, and nitrate and oxidation reduction potential in the nitrification/denitrification process. Feedback input loops from aeration energy and biogas production are also included. Utilizing intelligent algorithms, the optimal chemical dosage for the desired outcome is calculated based on the existing conditions.

The service includes the selection and supply of chemistry, provision of online equipment, recommendations for optimal dosage points, and a customized reporting system. The KemConnect platform allows you to continuously monitor all relevant performance parameters and cost savings in real time.

KemConnect™ PT benefits include

Maximum process efficiency

Aeration energy consumption in the biological wastewater treatment process can be minimized with intelligent chemical pre-treatment.

Automated dosing of coagulants and polymers allows for highest suspended solids feed loads, while improving the quality of the outlet water. Hereby all following treatment stages, like phosphorous removal or sludge dewatering gain improvements in efficiency.

Maximum biogas yield

Biogas production can be increased with a higher load of pre-conditioned sludge from an optimized sedimentation process.

Increasing the amount of more easily biodegradable sludge sent from the primary treatment step to the digestors boosts the biogas production efficiency significantly.

Peace of mind

Turnkey installation and start-up, expert chemical recommendations, and dosage advice – along with employee training and technical support – ensure a fully optimized treatment process.

Automated reports and alerts via email/SMS – along with 24/7 access to online dashboards and process KPIs – provide peace of mind that the process is optimized and compliant.

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Digitally enabled primary wastewater treatment

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