Digitally enabled primary wastewater treatment

How can water utilities comply with tightening regulations while reducing energy use, raw material consumption, and carbon intensity at the same time? Proven digital solutions are available to replace manual dosing and guesswork. KemConnectTM PT is the latest addition to Kemira´s digital solutions portfolio. It optimizes the primary wastewater treatment process to enable various downstream benefits.

The main objective of our new solution for primary wastewater treatment is to settle just enough primary solids to alleviate most of the burden on the aeration process, hence lowering the energy required for aeration. The second objective is to maximize biogas production by increasing the amount of easily biodegradable sludge sent from the primary sedimentation tank to the digestors as opposed to secondary sludge, which is harder for the bacteria to digest.

The system is designed to maximize the energy savings and energy production of a wastewater treatment plant.

The system requires both feed-forward and feedback configuration parameters and includes the constant measurement of influent wastewater condition, as well as the measurement of various process levels in the nitrification / denitrification process. Feedback input loops from aeration energy and biogas production are also included. Based on the existing conditions, the optimal chemical dosage is calculated for the exact desired outcome.

The system is designed to maximize the energy savings and energy production of a wastewater treatment plant while maintaining a consistent treatment level within a minimum and maximum range. The application of such a system can limit or prolong the need for major plant expansion while addressing sustainability goals at the same time.

Benefits for wastewater treatment plants:

  • Reduced aeration energy consumption
  • More biogas
  • Higher suspended solids feed loads
  • Improved sludge dewatering
  • Efficient & stable performance
  • Full transparency and peace-of-mind 24/7

Watch our free on-demand webinar “Primary wastewater treatment – New opportunities for sustainability” to learn how the KemConnect™PT solution is helping Kemira’s customers in reaching their sustainability targets.


Primary treatment

Watch “Primary treatment – new opportunities for sustainability” webinar to learn how new, digitally improved chemical primary treatment is helping municipalities comply with tightening regulations, while optimizing their energy balance and maintaining stable treatment processes.
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