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Kemira manufactures a complete portfolio of environmentally and process-friendly defoamers for all municipal and industrial applications. Our versatile Kemira KemFoamXTM product line includes different chemistries for various foam scenarios.

Kemira’s KemFoamXTM product range consists of water-based/-extended, silicone-based, oil-based and synthetic / ester-based defoamers used in various municipal and industrial applications, such as wastewater treatment, inks, paints and coatings, mining, cooling towers, recycling/washing and many more.

Water-based foam control

Kemira water-based defoamers are process-friendly dispersions of long-chain fatty alcohols which easily emulsify with water. They provide good de-aeration and efficient foam suppression over a wide range of pH (3-10) at temperatures up to 60˚C (140˚F), leaving no residual material in the system. Kemira water-based defoamers are inherently biodegradable and do not contribute to VOC’s. The products constitute an economic and sustainable choice for a variety of applications, especially in wastewater treatment, cooling towers, fiberglass mat manufacturing, and as a filtration aid in conjunction with Kemira polymers.

Water-extended oil-based foam control

Kemira water extended oil-based defoamers include amide/silica, and silicone chemistries, which generally work at higher temperatures than water-based defoamers and tend to be more persistent in handling difficult foaming problems. While similar to oil-based defoamer performance, they are generally lower in cost and contribute less oil than straight oil-based defoamers. Applications include a variety of uses in paper, board, coatings, pulping, and wastewater.

Oil-based foam control

Kemira oil-based defoamers consist of a 100% active dispersion in mineral oil and can be used in more severe foaming applications and persistent foam reduction. The products come as emulsifiable in water and suitable for a very wide range of applications, or as insoluble and very efficient in high foaming applications. Kemira oil-based defoamers are cost efficient and well suited for a variety of processes at temperatures up to 90˚C. Primary applications include production of inks, paints and coatings, textiles, wastewater treatment and gas stripping.

Oil-free foam control

Kemira oil-free defoamers consist of 100% active concentrates of synthetic ester or polyols and have a very good de-aeration capacity. They are emulsifiable in water and due to the nature of the carrier component they are able to suppress foam re-generation even longer than oil-based products. Kemira oil-free defoamers do not coagulate pigments and do not induce swelling of rubber print equipment, which makes them especially suitable in pigment slurries, inks and gloss paints. Their versatility extends to numerous other applications including wastewater treatment, adhesives and digesters.

Silicone-based foam control

Kemira silicone-based defoamers are available either as concentrates with 100% active substance, or as lower concentrated emulsions. They contain no mineral oil, amides or nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) and leave minor residue in the process. Kemira silicone-based defoamers are efficient and process friendly in numerous areas of industry. They are the products of choice in the most severe foaming conditions, performing at temperatures up to 100˚C. Typical applications are wastewater treatment, cement, detergents, chemical processes and agricultural to mention a few.

Food-grade foam control

Kemira food-grade defoamers are FDA compliant, and may additionally comply with other food-related regulations. They may originate from many of the above technologies with their associated advantages. Consult your Kemira representative for specific applications.

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