carbon-neutral water treatment

Are you looking for ways to enhance the sustainability of your wastewater treatment operations? We have collected a set of resources to provide water utilities with insight and support for carbon-neutral – or even carbon-positive – operations.

This playbook contains several best-practice municipal case studies, chemistry application videos, on-demand webinars and other valuable insights on data-driven, sustainable wastewater treatment.

Digital solutions for sustainability

Chemistry is the invisible enabler for efficient and reliable treatment of sewage, in compliance with regulatory requirements. Advanced digital solutions are reinforcing the chemical treatment to optimize efficiency and the responsible use of resources. Learn about future-proof solutions and see how they are contributing toward circular economy, already today.

Theme 1: Energy efficiency

The energy consumption of wastewater treatment plants across the globe is estimated at 1-3% of global energy output. Modern utilities are consuming between 20 and 45 kWh per population equivalent connected.

How can wastewater treatment plants optimize their energy balance and exploit existing potential – utilizing chemistry and advanced digital technologies?

Theme 2: Circular economy

Most people generate about 50 kg of solids for disposal every year, not to mention organic waste from other sources, like industry. All that waste can be seen as a renewable resource. Water utilities can play an important role when it comes to co-creating the circular economy.

How can municipalities turn sludge and other underutilized resources into valuable assets that improve profitability and support sustainability?

Theme 3: Carbon footprint

When trying to evaluate the actual carbon footprint of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), there are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration, due to the complex nature of its operations.

How can chemistry expertise, in combination with advanced digital technologies, help utilities operate carbon-neutral or even have a positive CO2-balance?

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In this playbook we share examples of how utilities have managed to improve their energy-balance by applying digital technologies in combination with highly efficient chemistry. There is a lot of untapped potential out there. Let’s take the next step towards sustainable wastewater treatment now!

Rasmus Pinomaa
Director, Corporate Sustainability

Rasmus Pinomaa

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