For more than 100 years, our chemistry has advanced human progress and improved quality of life. Today, Kemira’s global R&D team, industry knowledge, scientific expertise, and innovation strategy are focused on helping the pulp & paper, water treatment and energy industries operate more efficiently and sustainably.


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Chemistry with a purpose

Listen to our podcast, Chemistry with a purpose, where we talk about the science, research, and innovation that affects people’s lives every day.

Field where crop is growing.

Podcast | Innovation

Recovering phosphorus from the EU’s wastewater: capturing value from waste

Matthias Staub, Development Director of Water at Veolia, helps us uncover the trends and policies driving phosphorus recovery and the innovations that make it possible.

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Sugar in a bowl

Podcast | Innovation

Bio-based innovation: making circular polymers from sugar

Christian Lenges, an innovation expert from IFF, talks about the challenges and opportunities of making polymers from sugar.


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A close up of a small pine tree plant.

Podcast | Innovation

Turning captured carbon into essential chemical building blocks

Michael Carus, one of Europe’s leading experts, introduces us to carbon capture utilization.

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Podcast | Innovation

Textile recycling: an opportunity for innovative chemistry

Jukka Pesola from Pure Waste and Kaisa Karisalmi from Kemira discuss textile recycling, the trends, and innovation in the area.

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Discover more about our innovation

Our approach to innovation comes down to why we do it: Chemistry with a purpose. Better every day. Sustainability, efficiency, and continuous improvement are some of the guiding principles that define our innovation drivers, how we innovate and the type of collaborations we pursue.

Innovation drivers

Climate change, circularity and clean water are some of the defining challenges of our time. Kemira’s innovation strategy brings together chemistry and advanced digital solutions to address these issues.

How we innovate

Kemira’s approach to innovation draws on our unique expertise, technology and IP as well as collaboration with our global network of customers, commercial partners and research institutions.

Collaborating with Kemira

We are always open to working with our customers, suppliers, universities and other organizations. Learn more about opportunities like hackathons, cooperation programs, and open innovation challenges.

R&D and Technology Center Network

With R&D Centers on three continents, our global network of researchers
innovate with customers and other partners around the world.