How we innovate

Innovation at Kemira draws on more than 100 years of chemistry expertise, an impressive portfolio of patented technologies, and collaboration with our customers, and academic and commercial partnerships ─ both large and small ─ around the world.

Our expertise

Our innovation toolbox includes a deep knowledge of chemistry and applications know-how for the pulp & paper, water treatment and energy industries. Our team is also developing new expertise in digital capabilities as we pioneer smart solutions together with our technology partners and customers.

Pulp chemistry

  • Cooking
  • Bleaching
  • Fiber
  • Pulping additives
  • Bioproducts

Two workers standing in the front of paper machine rolls.

Wet-end chemistry

  • Retention and drainage
  • Dry strength technologies
  • Sizing
  • Wet strength technologies
  • Product development

Water drops on paper

Surface treatment

  • Surface sizing
  • Deposit control
  • Barrier dispersions
  • Binder dispersions
  • Laboratory coating and calendering
  • Printing performance
  • Product development

Environmental engineers work at wastewater treatment plants,Wate

Water treatment

  • Coagulants, flocculants, antiscalants and disinfectants
  • Coagulation studies
  • Desalination chemistry
  • Modelling and trial support
  • Future needs and advanced methods

Abstract texture of oxidated copper in the copper mine.

Mining chemistry

  • Product development
  • Application testing
  • Mineral analysis
  • Process knowledge
  • Trial support


Digital solutions

We are harnessing the power of data, automated dosing, predictive modeling and other digital tools to enhance our chemistry and help customers achieve new levels of optimization, reliability and sustainability.

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Analytical capabilities

Modern measurement techniques give us confidence that our innovations are safe and sustainable. We can accurately evaluate the performance and environmental impact of products and raw materials based on product lifecycle analysis.  We are also improving characterization of new recyclable and bio-based chemistries.

Macromolecule characterization in solution

  • Polymer characteristics: molecular weight distribution, chain conformation, coil size, viscosity
  • Effects of environment on polymer properties (e.g. ionic strength, pH)
  • Biobased materials: equilibrium and nonequilibrium properties
  • Particle size and morphology

Small molecule characterization

  • Identification and quantification of additives, monomers, surfactants and impurities
  • Elemental analysis
  • Identification and quantification of ionic species
  • Matrix effects: quantification to low level in complex matrices  ​
  • Troubleshooting product manufacturing process issues

Material characterization

  • Species identification
  • Quantification of volatile compounds compounds​
  • Surface analysis​
  • Thermal analysis: architectural details, stability, degradation profiles
  • Troubleshooting product manufacturing process issues
  • Elemental analysis

Ensuring safety & quality

  • Reliable comparison and ability to differentiate among raw materials and products through an ensemble of analytical tools (i.e. for regulatory compliance, environmental performance and sustainability)
  • Microbiological characterization: solutions for preservational treatment


Intellectual property

Our strong and growing portfolio of more than 1,700 patented technologies reflects our continued investment in R&D. Our intellectual property is proof of the unique expertise we have at Kemira, as well as our ability to create value for our customers and our own company through quality, differentiation, sustainability and recyclability.

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