Pulp & Paper

Paper, a sustainable natural product based on renewable raw materials, has a bright future in a wide variety of applications and end uses. Global megatrends, such as urbanization, digitalization and growing middle class are shaping the pulp and paper industry. We work in close cooperation with industry-leading companies to address these trends, and the evolving needs and opportunities. Combining best-in-class application expertise, latest technologies for smart process management and a complete chemistry portfolio, we help customers improve their process efficiency, productivity and end-product quality.

It’s time to pay attention to the unseen

What’s cooking in food packaging?

Chemistry enables safe and functional fiber-based packaging – and plays a key role in increasing sustainability and reducing food waste. But the features that make a food package more sustainable, more durable or smarter are almost always invisible.
Digital services for pulp & paper

Kemira KemConnect™

With chemistry and application expertise, real-time measuring and monitoring capabilities, and predictive analytics, we enable a smart, data-driven way to manage, control, and optimize the papermaking process. You get insight needed for improved runnability, increased quality, and cost control.
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