Surface sizing for enhanced hydrophobation and convertibility

Surface sizing

Surface sizing agents enhance the surface properties of various paper and board grades. Kemira’s portfolio of surface sizing products includes anionic, cationic, and amphoteric copolymer dispersions.

FennoSize™ S for enhanced hydrophobation and convertibility

FennoSize™ S surface sizing agents ensure hydrophobation performance in various paper, packaging, and board grades, and in addition provide improved printing characteristics and increased convertibility, such as glueability and friction

As surface sizing reduces the amount of internal sizing needed it helps reduce wet end complexity and improves machine runnability. Our products are compatible with different surface application techniques such as film, pond, and spray sizing technologies, and can be applied at the size press together with a starch solution.

  • Applicable to various paper and board grades
  • Ensure good hydrophobation, convertibility, and printability
  • Effective over a wide pH range
  • Fully cured on-machine
  • Compatible with other size press additives
  • Maintain good ratio between sizing performance and cost

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