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Sustainable microbe control for paper production

Biocides and preservatives for pulp and paper

Bacteria are always present in the water and pulp systems of cellulose-based processes such as papermaking or molded fiber production. Uncontrolled bacteria growth in the papermaking process can have drastic negative effects on production efficiency, profitability, and end product quality and safety. Surface attached biofilms or slimes impact machine runnability and can cause end-product defects, such as dirt spots and holes, and web breaks. Machine shutdowns for cleaning means tons of lost production and decreased profitability.

Kemira has deep expertise in microbial control for papermaking and molded fiber and provides innovative biocide solutions for pulp and paper processes. Our solutions focus on fresh water disinfection, long and short loop biofilm and slime control, and pulp and broke preservation.

Kemira FennoClean concepts provide comprehensive microbiological control strategies that combine innovative chemistry, application expertise, and process knowhow. Based on extensive research on the most troublesome biofilm-forming bacteria and the biocidal solutions to control them, we have created four FennoClean concepts – FennoClean D, FennoClean S, FennoClean L, and FennoClean PFA. Each of them approaches the microbial control challenge in a different manner, making it possible to meet the specific needs of different paper, board, and tissue manufacturing operations.

The FennoClean concepts build on oxidizing biocides and are designed to maximize microbe control performance while minimizing some of the negative effects commonly attributed to oxidizing chemistries. The programs are compatible with other papermaking chemicals such as retention aids, sizes, starch or dyes. The choice of an optimum biocide product and dosing point helps prevent corrosion in the press and dryer section, and the corrosion risk can be further monitored online with Kemira’s unique tools for smart process management.

FennoClean chemical solutions are coupled with Kemira’s extensive technical expertise and various unique online tools for measuring, monitoring, and even controlling the key parameters in the process in real time.

Kemira FennoSurf products are patented Kemira technology and the backbone chemistries for our FennoClean concepts for microbiological control in papermaking. They are used for chlorine stabilization, ensuring the corrosion safety of Kemira’s oxidizing biocide treatment. FennoSurf products also boost sodium hypochlorite performance, increasing the cost-efficiency of our biocide programs.

Kemira has a broad portfolio of biocides with different active ingredients for various microbe control applications. FennoSan, AMA, and FennoSan biocides cover all the microbiological treatment needs in the papermaking process, from additives preservation to reaching the strict hygienic targets in top-quality board production. With our expertise and application knowhow, we can deliver a handpicked solution to our customers’ process-specific requirements.

Kemira’s FennoCide and FennoSan biocides provide both fast sterilization and long-lasting preservation effects, depending on the process need. Our broad portfolio of preservatives for pulp and paper processes includes the optimal solution for all needs, with the right active ingredients to provide the desired performance and reaction speed.

Kemira’s FennoSan PFA technology is highly effective, non-halogen biocide that is proven to improve paper machine cleanliness and increase machine productivity without causing toxicity and corrosion issues that are common with chlorine-based microbiological control programs.

FennoSan PFA is an extremely rapid-acting oxidizing agent based on performic acid (PFA). It breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, without any residual chlorine or harmful by-products in the system or the final paper product. Also being 100% halogen-free chemistry, PFA does not generate persistent AOX compounds in the wastewater.

  • significantly cleaner paper machine
  • minimize corrosion
  • improve felt performance and felt life
  • ensure safety for end users
  • reduce environmental impact

Kemira PFA technology is currently available in EMEA and APAC only.

DISCLAIMER: Not all biocides are approved for sale in all regions, please check for your local regional approvals.


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