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Digital services for pulp & paper


The science of papermaking – The power of data

By combining chemistry and application expertise with real-time monitoring and control capabilities and predictive analytics, we enable a new, data-driven way to manage and optimize the papermaking process. It provides the visibility, predictability, and insight that you need for running efficient and sustainable processes, every day of the year.

Services for pulp & paper

KemConnect™ services enable data-driven chemistry management for the key areas of paper, board, tissue, and pulp production.

Our solutions for real-time monitoring, advanced process control and optimization, and predictive analytics build transparency, provide a deeper understanding of your process, and enable proactive and timely action for your mill operations.

By harnessing the power of data, you can increase efficiency, quality, and profitability.


Improve machine efficiency, runnability, and quality in paper, board, and tissue production.

Microbe control

Run a clean, hygienic production with fewer breaks and less out-of-spec quality.

Water treatment

Ensure compliant and sustainable water treatment processes with stable performance.

Pulp production

Increase process, energy, water, and cost efficiency and reduce the need for system maintenance.

Chemical Inventory Management

Save time with uninterrupted and automated inventory management.

Data-driven chemistry management

Our digital services are built on over 100 years of expertise in pulp and paper chemicals and applications, covering the entire papermaking process from pulping to coating.

Over many years, we have developed unique, real-time monitoring and control technologies for chemistry applications. These capabilities allow us to optimize, timely troubleshoot, and continuous improve our customers’ processes.

Today, our novel solutions use machine learning and predictive analytics to expand the round-the-clock visibility hours into the future. This makes it possible to predict and prevent process disturbances so that you can proactively mitigate their impact on your production and end-product quality.


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