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Pulp production

KemConnect™ services enable efficient, uninterrupted pulp processing and support the sustainability of your production through reduced chemical usage and energy consumption. Real-time visibility and control of the chemistry applications in pulp production helps ensure that you can send clean pulp to the paper machine for stable production and high-quality end products.

KemConnect™ services include our unique technologies for real-time monitoring and control and innovative optimization solutions utilizing machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI technologies.

Real-time monitoring

  • Up-to-date online visibility to chemistry application performance in pulp production
  • Online monitoring to reduce manual work and delays in quality control
  • Alarms for quick response to process disturbances

Control and optimization

  • Real-time application control based on online process status
  • Continuous dosage control for sustainable and cost-efficient chemical usage
  • Automated reports for process optimization and continuous efficiency development

Predictive analytics

  • Advanced analytics and predictions for stable pulping production performance
  • Forecasts on process performance to prevent production issues and unstable quality
  • Deep insight into the chemical status and runnability of the process

Expertise in various application areas

  • Brown stock washing

    Ensure process runnability and pulp cleanliness, reduce bleaching costs, and improve chemical recovery with increased brown stock washing efficiency. Monitor entrained air in the process in real time and optimize defoamer performance with automated dosage control.

  • Scale control

    Decrease energy and chemical consumption and increase pulping process runnability with real-time visibility to pulp mill scaling. Optimize scale control performance at all times and reduce unplanned stops and the need for system cleaning.

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Value to our customers: Transparency and peace of mind

Pulp processing conditions and chemistry performance impact greatly your pulp mill’s efficiency and production sustainability. Inefficient brown stock washing and pulp mill scaling increase your energy and bleaching chemical consumption, decrease productivity, and cause uneven pulp quality or unplanned stops.  

With 24/7 visibility to chemistry application performance in pulp production, you can run uninterrupted production, minimize costs, and ensure pulp cleanliness and consistency at all times. Real-time monitoring and process control enable optimized performance, supporting your sustainability with reduced energy and chemical consumption. You can increase process runnability and spend less time on system maintenance and cleaning. 

24/7 overview of chemistry performance

Less machine downtime and unplanned stops

Improved bleaching efficiency and chemical recovery

Reduced energy and chemical consumption

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