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Water treatment for pulp and paper

Real-time visibility and control of the status of your water treatment processes enable compliant and sustainable operations and stable performance and quality even in varying conditions. KemConnect™ services provide process monitoring, optimization, and advanced control for all water treatment applications at your pulp or paper mill.

KemConnect™ services include our unique technologies for real-time monitoring and control and innovative optimization solutions utilizing machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI technologies.

Real-time monitoring

  • Up-to-date online visibility to water treatment process performance and quality parameters
  • Online monitoring and automated samples to reduce manual work and delays in quality control
  • Alarms for quick response to process disturbances

Control and optimization

  • Real-time performance control for operations optimization and application improvement
  • Continuous dosage control based on process status for sustainable and cost-efficient chemical treatment

Predictive analytics

  • Advanced analytics and predictions for stable process performance
  • Forecasts on process performance to prevent unstable treatment performance
  • Deep insight into the chemical status of the water treatment process

Expertise in various application areas

  • Raw water treatment

    Stabilize raw water quality by monitoring and controlling the organic compounds present in fresh water in real time. React faster to changing raw water composition and ensure optimized and cost-efficient chemical treatment.

  • Process water treatment

    Prevent runnability and quality issues caused by insufficiently clarified process water in your production. Manage suspended solids and turbidity in the treatment process in real time for optimized clarification process and uninterrupted production.

  • Wastewater treatment

    Ensure that your mill meets the wastewater discharge limits even in varying conditions with reliable, real-time visibility and automated control of hard COD, suspended solids, and turbidity in your effluent.

  • Sludge dewatering

    Reduce sludge weight and volume with stable dewatering operations and gain significant efficiencies and savings in sludge disposal. Optimize the performance of your sludge dewatering process in real time.

  • Odor and corrosion control

    Tackle the problems caused by hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the wastewater treatment plant of your mill. Prevent safety hazards, odor issues, and corrosion to your equipment with real-time H2S control.

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Value to our customers: Transparency and peace of mind

Ensuring stable water treatment performance is a challenge at pulp and paper mills, as the process conditions and the composition of e.g. wastewater, internal process water, or raw water vary greatly. Manual operations and time-consuming quality control processes cause delays, which lead to inefficiencies, unstable quality, and unnecessary costs.

24/7 visibility to your water treatment process enables sustainable and cost-efficient chemical control, leading to consistent performance and water quality. Real-time process and performance data and automated dosage control enable faster reaction to changes in the process and help avoid chemical over and under dosing. You can even reach higher output in upstream processes through more efficient water treatment operations.

Stable water quality and treatment performance

Improved process control and efficiency

Optimized chemical usage and reduced cost

Increased upstream process output

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