From food production to the energy industry or metals and mining, we help water intensive industries to improve their process and resource efficiency, contributing to the end-product quality. Water treatment is an important part of all our customer industries, as raw water, process water, and wastewater need to be appropriately managed, in the most cost-effective way. Sludge treatment offers opportunities for further efficiencies and for creating value from waste.
Case study

African copper producer cuts froth in challenging conditions

A hydrometallurgical facility in the African copper belt was struggling with froth, which caused operational issues, and constrained capacity, leading to production losses of approximately $5 million a day. Kemira KemFoamXTM 9980 brought it under control.

Case study

Maximizing biogas production from household waste

Tekniska verken is a utility provider for one of the world’s most resource-efficient regions – the Swedish city of Linköping and the surrounding area. Today they’re offering biogas to more customers than ever before thanks to Kemira’s chemistry and applications expertise.

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Chemical offerings optimized with digital solutions

Our deep R&D and application know-how, secure supply network and complete technology portfolio are some of the reasons why we are the preferred partner for safe, efficient and sustainable chemical water treatment.

Kemira KemConnect™

Digital solutions

Visibility, predictability, and insight you need for running efficient and sustainable processes.


Water handbook

Kemira’s Water Handbook describes the methods and processes that are used today for treating potable water and wastewater, not forgetting new smart process management options, enabled by digitalization. Get your free PDF copy today!


Continuous improvement of process efficiency and yield is vital to stay in the game in today’s oil & gas business. We provide a unique combination of expertise and innovative chemical solutions to deliver cost-performance benefits for your application and field. Biogas and bioethanol offer promising new ways to utilize organic matter for renewable energy. These highly sophisticated processes can be boosted with Kemira chemistry expertise.

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Whether it’s treating wastewater at a dairy plant or offering solutions to improve the yield and efficiency at a local sugar operation, Kemira’s wide portfolio of innovative products plays an important role in today’s food industry. Working with us presents opportunities to optimize your water and energy management.

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Metals & mining

Mining customers turn to us to achieve higher underflow solids and throughput, and to improve their energy efficiency. Water conservation and process optimization are at the core of our expertise. With some of the best R&D and application talent in the field, we are proud of the collaborative work we take part in with our customers around the globe.

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Latest articles


Expansion to meet the demands of UK water customers

With the UK water industry facing turbulent times, stability and control as well as security of supply are the watchwords of the day. With its wide, flexible UK manufacturing base for coagulants and polymers, as well as smart digital dosing and control solutions, Kemira is well placed to meet the growing future needs of the industry and to smooth the journey towards a more stable and sustainable future.

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Chemistry for sustainable battery recycling

The global market for batteries is growing fast, largely due to rising demand for electric vehicles. But can production keep up and what happens after batteries are used? Fortum Battery Recycling, a business line part of the energy company, is setting up a sustainable recycling process with help from Kemira and our chemistry.

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Award-winning phosphorus recovery

Watch this on-demand webinar, to learn how innovative technology is positively impacting phosphorus recovery performance at a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Germany.

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