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Raising concerns

We at Kemira are committed to integrity. All our employees are personally responsible for ensuring that our actions and decisions reflect our values and the principles of our Code of Conduct. Also the third parties working as part of our operations must commit to the principles expressed in our Code. We expect and encourage all stakeholders to raise concerns and ask questions if they see or hear something that could be against our values or the Code. That is the only way we can live up to our values and ethical commitments.

How to raise a concern or report potential misconduct?

We support a culture that encourages every individual to speak freely – a culture that safeguards human rights, employee dignity, and health and safety. We provide a safe, secure and confidential way to express concerns and questions when the usual ways are unavailable or inappropriate.

Kemira Ethics & Compliance hotline, hosted by a third party hotline provider EthicsPoint, is available for you if you want to raise a concern or report a potential misconduct on something that:

  • goes against Kemira’s values
  • violates Kemira’s Code of Conduct for employees, Code of Conduct for business partners or policies
  • violates the law, for example in the areas of product or transport safety, protection of the environment, fair competition, taxation, money laundering or privacy
  • creates a risk to Kemira, its employees, or its sub-contractors’ employees.

The information you provide will be sent to us by EthicsPoint on a confidential and anonymous basis if you should choose. You have our guarantee that your comments will be heard. Kemira has a policy of non-retaliation against anyone who has reported potential misconduct in good faith. The service is available in multiple languages and it is always open.

Kemira Ethics & Compliance hotline

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