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Webinar: Phosphorus control in wastewater

Join our on-demand webinar to explore phosphorus removal, understand the regulatory landscape, and learn from real customer cases at wastewater treatment plants. Discover how they minimize chemical consumption while meeting strict discharge limits.
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Changing lanes: redefining logistics for a greener world

Every day our global logistics team crunches the numbers to figure out the best way to get our chemistry to customers with as little carbon footprint as possible. Learn more about our climate targets and how we’re decarbonizing our logistics.
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Mariehamn wastewater treatment plant reduces energy and chemical consumption through digital services

The Lotsbroverket wastewater treatment plant in Mariehamn has seen excellent results after implementing Kemira´s KemConnect™ PT digital service. This data-driven solution for primary wastewater treatment has reduced the energy consumption and cut ferric sulfate consumption at the plant.
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Safe alternatives to PFAS in food packaging

PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are behind the excellent heat, oil, and water resistance in countless industry and consumer products. However, their enduring nature raises severe concerns about environmental and health hazards. Before industries can transition away from these “forever chemicals”, a collective effort is required to develop safe and sustainable alternatives.
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5 key benefits of PHA as a barrier coating for renewable packaging  

Renewable chemistry innovations hold promise for revolutionizing the packaging landscape, providing innovative alternatives to traditional fossil-based materials. Let’s explore the transformative benefits of one such innovation: PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) as a renewable barrier coating for paper, board, and molded fiber packaging.
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Maximizing packaging board competitiveness with strength chemistry

This collection of success stories from our global customers showcase how board manufacturers can turn an optimal dry strength program into indisputable value in their production.
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