Annual Report 2023

Chemistry is everywhere, intertwined with our daily lives. It’s the science behind countless essential products and processes, from the water we drink to the packaging we use for food. Together with our partners and customers, we aim to enhance the well-being of individuals, support thriving businesses, and safeguard the environment and our most precious natural resources.

Explore our 2023 Annual Report and discover more about our chemistry with a purpose, working towards a better every day for people and planet.

Kemira in 2023



FY2022: 16.0%


€3.4 B


Global impact


of water treated with the help of Kemira chemistry, which is comparable to the annual water consumption of approximately 370 million people

enabling resource efficiency


of our products improve customer resource efficiency

Emission-Free Energy


of global energy use is emission-free

Raw Material in Transition


of used raw materials are renewable or recycled

Key highlights

We are committed to constant improvement. Throughout the year there have been various highlights contributing to reaching our business goals. 

More highlights in the Annual Report

Kemira’s Board of Directors appointed Antti Salminen as the new President & CEO as of February 12, 2024.

Antti Salminen has had several prior leadership positions at Kemira, latest as President, Pulp & Paper segment and before that President, Industry & Water segment. He has been a member of Kemira’s Management Board since 2011.

President and CEO and Management Board

The transaction enables us to focus on sustainability and our strategic priorities, including expanding in water, building a leading renewables portfolio, advancing digital services business, and accelerating our profitable growth strategy.

Oil & Gas divestment

Kemira is committed to building water resilience through its participation. This aligns with its earlier involvement in the Open Call on Business Leaders to Accelerate Water Action, initiated during the UN Water Conference in March 2023.

Kemira joins UN Global Compact Forward Faster Initiative to accelerate the progress of UN Sustainable Development Goals

This is a major step in our growth strategy implementation and our journey towards building the leading renewable materials portfolio for our customers.

Kemira and IFF partnership expands to production of renewable materials

Kemira and Royal HaskoningDHV have agreed to further develop Kemira’s ViviMag® phosphorus recovery technology by conducting further research, including a pilot and demonstration project in the Netherlands.

Kemira and Royal HaskoningDHV to collaborate in award-winning phosphorus recovery technology

Sustainability at Kemira

Sustainability matters. It is the common thread for everything we do at Kemira, for our people and planet.

At Kemira, our strategy is aligned with building a better future. Purposeful chemistry can be harnessed, together with digitalization to help solve the most pressing challenges of our time, including building water resilience in our societies, developing circular solutions, and utilizing our ever-scarcer natural resources in the most efficient way. Besides pushing for new opportunities, we will continue to be the responsible partner for our stakeholders. By collaborating, we can make our world better, every day.

Discover our progress in the Sustainability Report

Business with Purpose

Explore more below and learn how chemistry plays a key role in improving our every day.


Papermaking in the digital age

It's not just about chemistry; it's about using data, predictive analytics, machine learning, and AI to take our expertise to the next level, It empowers pulp, paper, board, and tissue producers to run more efficient processes.


A new game changer in packaging

In today’s more impact-conscious consumer landscape, brands need to find ways to align their packaging solutions with their sustainability commitments. As a result, the spotlight has turned to renewable, fully recyclable, and biodegradable fiber-based packaging. This is where chemistry steps in to bridge the gap.


Going circular: Turning wastewater to fertilizer

Only 11 percent of treated wastewater is reused, while around half of the world’s untreated wastewater still enters rivers, lakes, and seas. But wastewater is not waste; it is a source of energy, clean water, fertilizers, and essential nutrients, with the help of chemistry.


Partnering for sustainable wastewater transformation in Copenhagen

In wastewater management, BIOFOS stands as Denmark's largest wastewater treatment company, serving 1.2 million people across three treatment plants. Our collaboration showcases how partnerships built on trust, transparency, and a shared commitment can benefit a greener community.


The future of fashion: Paving the way for sustainable textiles

The textile industry faces major sustainability challenges that it needs to tackle without delay. With a focus on renewable cellulosic fibers and textile recycling, we’re leveraging our chemistry expertise to help the industry transition, achieving the circularity it needs to see.


Driving a needed shift to renewable polymers

Climate action can’t wait – we need to reduce our reliance on fossil carbon, starting today. Kemira is using the biomass balance approach as a concrete step to increase the use of renewable raw materials in the production of polymers. These polymers have applications in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, papermaking processes, and mining.

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