Kemira as an investment

(updated December 21, 2020)

Why invest in Kemira

Equity story in brief (.pdf)

Growth strategy

Targeting above-the-market revenue growth
(market growth estimate 2019-2025, CAGR: ~3-4%):


Higher use of water,
energy, tissue and
Water reuse and treatment, absorbency and softness of tissue, light-weight high-quality board, energy savings in oil production are a few examples of how our chemistry can be utilized.
Fast growth in e-commerce / online shopping We are supporting production of light and strong packaging board in a growing market.
SCARCITY OF RESOURCES New materials to enable circular economy


Single-use plastics can be partially replaced with fiber-based products where we play a key role with its pulp and paper chemistry.
Higher efficiency in material and resources With our chemistry, customers can enhance their resource efficiency: e.g. reuse of water, less energy needed in oil production, and lighter board, creating cost savings.
REGULATION Safe drinking water  Our products are used to purify the equivalent of 320 million people´s annual water usage – the demand for safe drinking water is growing globally.
More stringent wastewater discharge limits Wastewater discharge limits are tightening and with our water treatment chemicals, customers can meet the limits.

Operative EBITDA target of 15-18%

Kemira updated its financial targets on November 19, 2020. Kemira’s target for operative EBITDA margin has been updated to 15-18% (previously 15-17%), while other financial targets remain unchanged.

Factors to watch for profitability improvement

Factors 1-9 2020 comments
Organic growth through volume and sales price increases Group’s organic growth -8%, sales volumes were impacted by COVID-19 related economic slowdown.
Oil & Gas becoming larger share of Group (incl. shale, CEOR* and oil sands) Revenue from EUR 126 million in 2016 to EUR 300 million run-rate
Sales price vs raw material price development Good management of fixed and variable costs, including lower raw materials and electricity costs.
Growth investments – Polymer capacity expansion in Netherlands, AKD sizing Joint Venture in China, Polymer capacity expansion in the US Gradual positive contribution to EBITDA starting Q1 2020. Positive contribution from investments in China and the Netherlands continued in Q3 2020.

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Strong balance sheet

  • Good funding position
  • M&A possible short term, if profitability and synergy criteria are all met

Average dividend yield close to 5% during 2011–2019

  • Leading dividend yield in the European chemical sector

We help customers create more value by applying our expertise where water meets chemistry

  • Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water intensive industries


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