Kemira as an investment

Targeting above-the-market revenue growth (market growth estimate 2017-2022, CAGR: ~3%)

  • E-commerce drives the need for packaging material
  • Growing middle class, increased standards of living and urbanization leads to higher usage of water, energy, tissue, and board
  • Recycling and use of renewables lead to e.g. higher usage of strength chemicals
  • Replacement of plastics with biodegradable products
  • Regulation increases water treatment
  • Scarcity of resources accelerates need to produce more with less

Fact sheet

Operative EBITDA target of 14-16%

Drivers for the improvement:

  • Synergies from the acquisition of AkzoNobel’s  paper chemicals business
  • Efficiencies from new two segment structure
  • New bleaching chemical capasity investment in Joutseno, Finland
  • Acquisition in China
  • BOOST efficiency program (e.g. logistics)
  • Internal efficiency and capacity utilization improvement
  • Long-term growth areas such as oil sands, Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery and Advanced Water Treatment

Strong balance sheet

  • Good funding position
  • M&A possible short term, if profitability and synergy criteria are all met

Average dividend yield close to 5% during 2011–2017

  • Leading dividend yield in the European chemical sector

We help customers create more value by applying our expertise where water meets chemistry

  • Kemira is a global chemicals company serving customers in water intensive industries

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