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Our climate change target

Kemira supports the ambition of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement.
Our long-term ambition is to be carbon neutral by 2045.

Scope 1

CO2-Emissions from fuels at site for own heat and steam production


We have set a target to reduce combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 50% across our manufacturing sites by the end of 2030 compared to a 2018 baseline of 930 thousand tons CO2 eq. In aligning our company’s climate target with the expectations of our stakeholders our ambition is to be carbon neutral by 2045 for combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emissions.

Scope 2

CO2-Emissions from external supply of energy, heat and steam for production


We continue to benefit from energy efficiency projects. Sourcing new renewable power has continued, and we engaged our electricity suppliers on the issue in markets where we are captive customers.

In 2021, we signed a 10-year renewable power purchase agreement for 5MW (43,8 GWh per annum) baseload electricity. Kemira continued to expand the use of renewable energy and the share of renewable energy increased to 31% of total purchased energy.

Scope 3

CO2-Emissions from purchased raw materials, transportation and distribution


For our Scope 3 GHG emissions, Kemira is committed to working with suppliers to decrease the carbon footprint of our purchased goods and services. We implemented the Global Logistics Emissions Council’s (GLEC) Framework, resulting in much more accurate logistics data therefore supporting us on improving our logistics efficiencies.

Our R&D function is working towards developing more products from bio-based and industrial by-products raw materials, helping to further reduce our Scope 3 emissions.

Climate change target

50% Reduction
by the end of 2030

(Scope 1 & 2)

Long-term ambition

Carbon neutrality
by 2045

(Scope 1 & 2)

Climate change is a defining challenge of our time

Kemira supports the Paris Climate Agreement. But what does that mean in practice? Learn more how Mark Wenclawiak and Kemira’s global EHSQ team are committed to deliver on the Paris Climate Agreement.

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