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Microbe control

KemConnect™ services for microbe control help keep all parts of your process in check 24/7. You can prevent spore outbreaks, machine downtime, and out-of-spec production while also managing the risk of costly machine corrosion.

KemConnect™ services include our unique technologies for real-time monitoring and control and innovative optimization solutions utilizing machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI technologies.

Real-time monitoring

  • Up-to-date online visibility to the status of your process and treatment performance
  • Online monitoring to reduce the required frequency of manual laboratory measurements
  • Automated alarms on process conditions for troubleshooting and quick corrective actions

Control and optimization

  • Real-time performance control for optimizing microbe control
  • Continuous biocide dosage control based on online data for sustainable and cost-efficient chemical usage
  • Real-time monitoring of vapour phase corrosion risk
  • Automated reports for troubleshooting and reaching microbiological targets

Predictive analytics

  • Advanced analytics and predictions on the microbe content and status of the process
  • Predictions and forecasts on microbiological activity and sporulation risk to prevent disturbances and improve end-product quality
  • Deep insight into the microbiological status of the process

Expertise in various application areas

  • Paper machine microbe control

    Manage the microbiological activity at your machine by monitoring the process conditions and the performance of the biocide program in real time. Automated dosage adjustments ensure optimal biocide usage.

  • Hygienic packaging spore control

    Predict and prevent spore outbreaks at your machine by adjusting the treatment program based on real-time data on microbiological activity and the sporulation risk in the process.

  • Recycled board microbe control

    Ensure stable treatment performance in challenging, varying process conditions with a real-time view and control of the microbiological activity in the water and pulp suspensions.

  • Fresh water treatment microbe control

    Control microbiological activity in the fresh water system with real-time measurements on key parameters such as pH, oxidation reduction potential (ORP), and conductivity.

  • Paper machine corrosion control

    Monitor and manage the corrosion risk at your machine with a real-time view of the changes in the vapor phase corrosion potential.

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Value to our customers: Transparency and peace of mind

Micro-organisms are always present in the paper, board, and tissue manufacturing process and if not managed properly, they will always cause problems. Uncontrolled microbes impact machine runnability, cause end-product defects, and decrease profitability. In hygienic grades production, an outbreak of bacterial spores leads immediately to the loss of thousands of tons of paper or board.

Real-time visibility to the microbiological activity in your process helps you overcome the delays of traditional performance control and cultivation methods. You can react quickly to changing process conditions and steer clear of runnability issues and out-of-spec production. When the microbiological treatment program is adjusted based on up-to-date data, you can optimize the use of biocides in your process, which also supports your sustainability.

Increased runnability and machine cleanliness

Improved OEE with less out-of-spec production

Support sustainability with optimized biocide usage

Reduced corrosion risk

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