Annual General Meeting

Kemira Oyj’s shareholders’ meeting, or the General Meeting, the Company’s highest decision-making body, is held at least once a year. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held each year by the end of May.

The AGM makes decisions on matters within its competence under the Companies Act and the Articles of Association, such as:

  • the adoption of the financial statements and dividend payout
  • the discharge of Board members and the Managing Director and his Deputy from liability
  • the election of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and other members of the Board of Directors and their emoluments, and
  • the election of the auditor and the auditor’s fees.

Notice to the shareholders’ meeting shall be released on the Company’s website no earlier than two months and no later than three weeks before the meeting, however, at least nine days before the record date of the meeting. Additionally, if so decided by the Board of Directors, the Company may publish the notice to the shareholders’ meeting in one nationwide newspaper.

  1. Kemira’s Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, Finland.

    A demand to have a matter addressed by the general meeting

    A shareholder has the right to have a matter addressed by the general meeting, if the shareholder so demands from the board of directors. In order to have the matter included in the notice and agenda of the general meeting, the demand must be made no later than on January 27, 2020.

    The general meeting can only address matters that fall within the competence of the general meeting under the Limited Liability Companies Act. The shareholder who has made such a demand must also ensure that a proposal for a resolution will be submitted to the general meeting, on the basis of which the matter can be resolved.

    Demands must be delivered to the company to the following address by the due date at the latest.

    Kemira Oyj
    Group General Counsel
    P.O. Box 330, 00101 Helsinki, Finland


    November 1, 2019
    Kemira Oyj: Proposals of the Nomination Board to the Annual General Meeting 2020

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