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Market overview

Strong market positions

Kemira has strong market positions in its chosen segments, Pulp & Paper and Industry & Water.


End-markets: pulp, packaging, tissue, printing and writing papers

Kemira’s market position: #2, estimated market share ~16%

Kemira’s competitive advantage:
• Chemical expertise
• Long-customer relationships
• Broad offering for all Pulp & Paper applications
• Large operator offering delivery reliability


End-markets: municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment and mining

Kemira’s market position:
• Water treatment: Kemira’s market share ~25% in coagulants and ~25% in polymers in EMEA and ~20% in coagulants and ~10% in polymers in North America.

Kemira’s competitive advantage:
• Strong market share in water treatment in chosen geographic areas
• Large operator offering delivery reliability

Growth strategy

Targeting above-the-market revenue growth (market growth estimate 2023-2028, CAGR: ~2-3%):

Megatrend Impact How Kemira benefits from the megatrend, for example
CHANGING DEMOGRAPHICS Growing middle-class and urbanization Higher use of water and tissue
Changing lifestyles with growth in e-commerce Higher use of packaging and board

More efficient use of scarce natural resources Chemicals to support circular economy needs
Focus on renewable solutions and recyclable materials for our customers Alternatives to fossil fuel based solutions
Tightening environmental regulation Increased need for water treatment
Climate change mitigation Increased need for water treatment

Kemira provides expertise and tailored combinations of chemicals for water intensive industries. Kemira’s relevant market (EUR ~35 billion in 2023) estimated to grow to EUR 6 billion in 2028 (CAGR 2-3%).

EUR billion

*CAGR, compound annual growth rate

Source: Management estimation based on various sources

Pulp & Paper

Kemira’s Pulp & Paper segment has unique expertise in applying chemicals and supporting pulp & paper producers to innovate and constantly improve their operational efficiency.

Pulp & Paper market is expected to grow at 1-2% CAGR*

Relevant target market around EUR 12 billion.

*CAGR, compound annual growth rate

Demand drivers:

  • Hardwood and softwood pulp demand increasing driven by growth of packaging needs (e-commerce, non-plastic solutions), growing tissue demand and lack of recycled fiber
  • Demand increase continues for packaging, driven by online shopping, last-mile delivery, product safety and non-plastic solutions
  • Growth in tissue demand driven by increasing wealth in emerging countries
  • Ongoing digitalization of media drives decline of graphic paper demand

Water link:

  • Efficient utilization of water at the core of pulp and paper manufacturing.
  • Energy consumption, product quality, process runnability
    and customers’ profitability depend on water efficiency.

Main competitors:

  • e.g. Solenis, Nouryon, Ecolab, SNF, Chemtrade, Solvay

Industry & Water

Industry & Water supports municipalities and water intensive industries in the efficient and sustainable utilization of resources. In water treatment, we help in optimizing every stage of the water cycle.

Industry & Water market expected to grow at 3-5% CAGR*

Relevant target market around EUR 29 billion.

*CAGR, compound annual growth rate

Demand drivers:

  • Higher demand for water driven by industrial growth and population growth
  • More stringent discharge limits for waste water
  • Better dewatering of sludge
  • Phosphorus recovery
  • Water reuse

Water link:

  • Focus on environmental regulations (waste water and reuse).
  • Increased total process efficiency requirements for water intensive processes.
  • Applications reducing costs, minimizing water consumption and increasing yield.

Main competitors:

  • Polymers: e.g. SNF, Solvay, Ecolab, Solenis
  • Coagulants: mainly local companies e.g.; Feralco, USalco, Chemtrade
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