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KemConnect™ services enable visibility, predictability, and advanced troubleshooting into wet end chemistry applications to help you optimize wet end performance. You can improve machine efficiency, runnability, and quality in your papermaking process.

KemConnect™ services include our unique technologies for real-time monitoring and control and innovative optimization solutions utilizing machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI technologies.

Real-time monitoring

  • Up-to-date online visibility to process conditions and application performance
  • Online monitoring to reduce manual work and delays in quality and performance control
  • Alarms for quick response to process disturbances

Control and optimization

  • Real-time application performance control based on online process status data
  • 24/7 dosage control for sustainable and cost-efficient chemical usage
  • Automated reports for process optimization and continuous efficiency development

Predictive analytics

  • Advanced predictions on process harmony and data analytics for production efficiency and process stability
  • Risk predictions and forecasts of process conditions to prevent disturbances
  • Deep insight into the chemical health and runnability of the process

Expertise in various application areas

  • Retention control

    Maximize papermaking efficiency and increase sheet quality and strength by monitoring and controlling retention performance and total solids and filler consistency in real time. Accurate and up-to-date view helps predict sheet characteristics, allows the optimization of unit operations, and saves energy and water.

  • Fixation and deposit control

    Manage the size and concentration of hydrophobic particles and colloids in key process areas to prevent poor runnability and to reduce machine downtime and defects in the final paper or board product. Real-time view into the hydrophobic load and agglomeration tendency decreases deposition-related problems and improves fixation performance.

  • Air and foam control

    Reduce entrained air and related foam issues to increase production and operational efficiency. Automated direct measurement of entrained air in the process allow accurate dosing and control of defoamers and help reduce treatment cost.

  • Color control *

    Control color and brightness throughout the papermaking process and optimize dyeing performance even with fluctuating raw material quality. Meet your targets for productivity and cost-efficiency and your customer’s target for quality.
    * Currently available only in EMEA

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Value to our customers: Transparency and peace of mind

Unstable wet end performance at your paper, board, or tissue mill can cause production disturbances and runnability issues. Process inefficiencies, whether chemical or mechanical, can lead to breaks, increased broke, and end-product defects. Optimized wet end chemistry applications provide opportunities to increase your production, improve sheet quality and strength, save energy, and reduce water and fiber usage.

The key to machine runnability and stability is in the combination of high-performing chemicals, application expertise, and real-time monitoring and predictive analytics capabilities. 24/7 visibility to process conditions and performance makes it possible to identify and predict process disturbances and address them proactively, mitigating the impact on production efficiency and end-product quality. You can optimize chemistry usage, which impacts both production sustainability and cost.

24/7 process control and performance optimization

Increased runnability and machine efficiency

Improved sustainability with optimized energy, water, fiber, and chemical usage

Stable process and consistent end-product quality

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