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Our customers in metals and mining are highly focused on production efficiency. Stricter limits and regulations for effluents is another topic that never grows old. We can help with chemistries for process optimization and water conservation. With extensive experience from a broad spectrum of applications around the globe, we have the best industry experts dedicated to solving customer process challenges.

Maximizing output, minimizing environmental impact

Mineral processing is an energy- and water-intensive process. We understand your needs for increased recovery of copper, gold or iron and the importance of water recirculation and reduction in your operations.

Our approach covers the full mine-to-mineral or metal processing and tailings management, and we can tailor a solution to help you improve your production yield and reduce your overall costs. We have developed a range of innovative solutions for the industry, and are committed to helping customers maximize the output from their operations, while minimizing impacts on the environment. Our R&D principle is that all new products need to always further improve sustainability performance compared to products already available.

We work together with you to troubleshoot and guide you with your process improvement options. Using tests run in our own laboratories, we’re able to demonstrate the benefits of our chemistries to your operations.

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