Half-Year Financial Report

January – June 2024

was published on July 17, 2024

Kemira is a global leader in sustainable chemical solutions for water intensive industries. We have strong market positions in the two segments where we operate, Pulp & Paper and Industry & Water. With over 100 years of history and chemistry expertise, our products help our customers to improve their product quality, process and resource efficiency.

Kemira’s annual turnover in 2023 was around EUR 3.4 billion with over 50% of revenue coming from products that enable better resource-efficiency for our customers. With a solid track record in profitability improvement, we are increasing focus on profitable growth in the future. Sustainability is the cornerstone of Kemira’s strategy and biobased products will play an important role in Kemira’s future growth.

Q2/2024 Key figures (EUR million)

Revenue 733.4
 Operative EBITDA 140.5
 Operative EBITDA, % 19.2%
 Operative EBIT, % 12.8%


FY2022: 16.0%


€3.4 B




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January – June 2024 Half-Year Financial Report

Considerable volume growth and profitability improvement  following continued end-market recovery

What were the highlights during the second quarter? Watch the new IR video, where Mikko Pohjala, Vice President, Investor Relations of Kemira comments briefly on Kemira’s Q2 results – interviewed by Heidi Lehmuskumpu, IR Manager.

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February 2, 2024

Kemira completes the divestment of its Oil & Gas related portfolio

Kemira has completed the divestment of its Oil & Gas related portfolio to Sterling Specialty Chemicals LLC. The divestment of the Oil & Gas business will clarify our focus on sustainability and our strategic priorities: expand in water, build a leading renewables portfolio and digital services business. The total consideration on a cash and debt-free basis amounts to approximately USD 280 million, around EUR 260 million with today’s exchange rate, subject to ordinary closing adjustments.


Kemira's Annual Report 2023

The report consists of Annual Review, Sustainability Report, Corporate Governance Statement and Financial Statements.

Kemira as an investment

Kemira’s exposure to water

Kemira serves water-intensive industries, and our solutions help make more clean, safe water available to everyone. Every year, 20 Bm3 of water is treated with the help of Kemira’s chemistry – an amount which is comparable to the annual water consumption of over 370 million people.

Investor contacts

Mikko Pohjala.

Mikko Pohjala

Vice President, Investor Relations
Helsinki, Finland

Heidi Lehmuskumpu

Investor Relations Manager
Helsinki, Finland
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