Revenue Q1 2020:

EUR 642 million

FY2019: EUR 2.7 billion

Operative EBITDA Q1 2020:


FY2019: 15.4%


January-March 2020 Interim Report:

Kemira’s Head of Investor Relations interview on the first quarter 2020 results

Financial Statements Bulletin 2019:

Kemira’s Head of Investor Relations comments on last quarter and FY2019 results:

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Group management

The Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Managing Director are responsible for Kemira’s management and operations.

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Investor contacts

Mikko Pohjala

Mikko Pohjala

Vice President, Investor Relations

Helsinki, Finland

+358 40 838
Tiina Huoponen

Tiina Huoponen

Investor Relations Specialist

Helsinki, Finland

+358 40 704

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