Integrity & compliance

We are committed to compliance with the Kemira Code of Conduct, Kemira’s Code of Conduct for Business Partners, and applicable laws and regulations. We strive to ensure compliance by training employees, by raising awareness through active communication and by developing our risk management, monitoring and reporting processes.​

The Code of Conduct is the foundation for doing business in the right way and functions as an umbrella commitment for the entire company. Kemira Code of Conduct has been approved by the Board of Directors. We have global internal policies, where we elaborate further on the Code of Conduct principles and make them more understandable for the organization.

Kemira maintains internal control systems to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations, including the reliability of financial and operational reporting and compliance with the applicable regulations, policies and practices.

Grievance mechanisms

It is our intention to promote and maintain the best possible relationship with our stakeholders and we regard it as essential to provide effective procedures for the rapid resolution of differences and disagreements. Kemira offers various channels to report grievances and is committed to dealing with such reports promptly and fairly. Some of the channels and mechanisms are local, varying from country to country, some are regional or global.

Examples of these mechanisms are:

  • Employee-related complaints and appeal procedures vary from country to country depending on the local employment law and practices, such as the structure of employee representation through unions and collective bargaining agreements. Kemira has employees in nearly 40 countries, across which a wide variety of mechanisms are in place.
  • Our global Ethics and Compliance hotline (whistleblower mechanism) which is available both internally and externally for our business partners.
  • Global customer service and customer complaint process directed to customers.
  • Internal SNOW portal for reporting GDPR-related breaches.
  • Cooperation with local authorities in cases of breaches of environmental permits.
  • Regional and country-specific grievance tools.
  • Global vendor complaint system.
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Code of Conduct

The Kemira Code of Conduct sets guidelines for different aspects of business conduct in line with our values, the principles set out in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and other norms and regulations. All our employees are trained on the Code.

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Raising concerns

We at Kemira are committed to integrity. If you want to raise a concern or report a potential violation of law or Kemira policies, you are encouraged to use the Kemira Ethics & Compliance hotline, hosted by a third party provider, EthicsPoint.

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