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Boosting performance and economics in coated paper and board

Coating and surface specialties

Functional coatings enhance paper or board sheet properties by improving e.g. the optical properties and the printability of the sheet. Kemira provides a variety of coating and surface specialties that can boost performance and economics in coated paper and board grades.

FennoFlow™ is our series of synthetic and natural rheology modifiers. Rheology modifiers are alkali-soluble emulsion polymers that change coating flow properties, which are crucial for good runnability and coating performance. FennoFlow products are added to achieve desired low shear viscosity, high shear rheology, and coating water retention properties.

KemPrint™ is a functional coating additive for superior high-speed inkjet printability. It creates an ink receiving layer on the paper or board surface and ensures fast ink immobilization, ink holdout, and colorant fixation on the surface of the treatment layer. This results in smearing-free printing result with high densities, wide gamut values, and excellent image sharpness. KemPrint gives full performance already with low cot weights.

FennoCote™ crosslinkers, also known as insolubilizers, help increase water resistance of the coating on paper or board. These coating additives react with the binder in the coating and help render the dried coating resistance to re-wetting and dissolving. Our FennoCote products include also lubricant chemistries, which are processing aids for the wet coating, coating application or different converting steps. 

FennoStat is an effective film-forming antistatic dissipator. It is used as an antistatic agent mostly in specialty papers and film manufacture. As a coating additive, it can also modify the rheology of paper coatings.


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