Tissue paper in a package.
GPAM technology for optimized strength performance in tissue

Temporary wet strength

Temporary wet strength is a key requirement for various tissue and towel grades. They need to be strong while wet, but upon disposal, a high rate of wet strength decay is required for good flushability and disposal. Kemira’s temporary wet strength technology helps manage sheet wet strength properties and the rate of wet tensile strength decay and offers additional process efficiency benefits to the tissue manufacturers.

Kemira’s temporary wet strength technology is based on the development of modified glyoxyalated polyacrylamide (GPAM). Our FennoRez™ product portfolio helps improve the strength performance in various tissue grades: bath, towel, facial, and napkin tissue grades, intended both for consumers and commercial (AFH, away from home) use. GPAM technology for tissue allows sheet optimization both for sufficient wet tensile strength when the product is in use and for high rate and high percentage of decay when it is disposed.

Benefits of FennoRez temporary wet strength additives

  • Increase wet tensile strength
  • Improve wet tensile decay
  • Reduce PAE wet strength resin use
  • Allow fiber substitution (use lower cost furnish)
  • Reduced repulping time and easier reuse of wet-strengthened broke
  • Reduced felt filling
  • Increase crepe control performance
  • Improve sheet drainage and sheet drying
  • Reduce linting and dusting
  • Optimize refiner use

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