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Cost-saving and safe wet strength additives

Wet strength additives

Wet strength technologies are critical in the manufacturing of various moisture-resistant paper, board, and tissue grades and molded fiber products. Kemira’s broad range of permanent wet strength additives provide high efficiency while optimizing costs and ensuring that regulatory requirements for food safety and environment are met.

Kemira’s FennoStrength products for permanent wet strength are particularly well suited for achieving high wet strength efficiency while maintaining low cost-in-use.

  • Synthetic PAE resins (polyamideamine-epichlorohydrine)
  • Generations G2, G2.5, G3, and G4
  • Advanced manufacturing process for clean resins
  • Reach wet tensile targets with less wet strength additives
  • 10–15 % better efficiency compared to standard market resins

Our high efficiency wet strength additives also help you meet the strict regulatory requirements on chloro-organic materials in wet-strengthened paper and wastewater.

  • Compliant with food contact safety regulations
  • Low level of DCP and CPD (chloro-organics)
  • Low level of AOX (absorbable organic chlorine)

The benefits of FennoStrength wet strength additives

  • Chemical savings and reduced operating costs
  • Reduced level of AOX and chloro-organics in paper and effluent
  • More balanced charge
  • Lowered risk of foam, deposits, and felt plugging
  • Improved dewatering and machine runnability

Functional promoters or wet strength resin promoters are supporting additives that help further improve the efficiency of permanent wet strength additives and reduce wet strength resin consumption and total treatment cost.

  • Anionic functional promoters help balance fiber charge and improve retention efficiency and machine runnability. This is beneficial particularly when fibers become overcationized due to e.g. high levels of wet strength resin and cause decreased resin retention, which impacts resin efficiency and leads to issues such as excessive foaming and decreased dewatering.
  • Cationic functional promoters such as cationic FennoBond™ products can contribute to wet strength efficiency development. This helps reduce wet strength resin consumption and optimize process parameters such as refining.

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