Unique and comprehensive concepts for dry strength

Dry strength additives

Dry strength is a key quality parameter for all paper and board grades. Kemira’s broad portfolio of dry strength additives include specifically designed technologies to be used with virgin, mechanical, recycled or mixed fibers and for the production of various paper, board, and tissue grades. Combined with best-in-class application expertise, our products enable paper, board, and tissue manufacturers to manage and optimize the dry strength properties in their end-products ensuring cost-efficiency, productivity, and machine runnability.

FennoBond™ products for improved strength and productivity

Our FennoBond dry strength additives are a versatile portfolio of synthetic strength resins for increasing dry strength of paper, board, and tissue grades. Most FennoBond products are cationic or anionic polymers based on polyacrylamide chemistry and can be applied either in the wet end or added as sheet spray application.

  • Cationic glyoxalated polyacrylamide (GPAM)
  • Cationic solution polyacrylamide (C-SPAM)
  • Cationic dispersion polyacrylamide (Micropolymer)
  • Anionic solution polyacrylamide (A-SPAM)

Depending on grade requirements and the process, several FennoBond products can be utilized or combined into dual strength systems.

Strength types improved by FennoBond products:

  1. Tensile
  2. Burst
  3. Compression (SCT, RCT, CMT, CCT)
  4. Stiffness
  5. Internal (Scott bond)
  6. Surface (lint or dust reduction)

Benefits from dry strength increase

You can utilize extra strength gained from using FennoBond dry strength additives in multiple ways, depending on your production targets.

Trade-off strength Produce lower grammage (fiber and steam savings, improved mchine speed)
Reduce refining (energy savings, less dust)
Reduce chemical consumption (wet strength resins, starch, retention polymers)
Substitute fibers with cheaper fibers or fillers
Keep strength Upgrade quality or avoid overweighting
Improve machine runnability
Improve converting efficiency
Increase productivity and dewatering


EcoBond concept for strength and lightweighting

EcoBond is Kemira’s novel concept for dry strength and lightweighting. It is a portfolio of biobased products with a unique polymer structure, which enables high strength improvements and both economic and ecologic benefits.

FennoBond 6400 is one of the key dry strength polymers in the EcoBond concept. It is an anionic strength polymer with very high molecular weight, which can be combined with a cationic polymer as a dual component strength additive. The structure improves polymer absorption in difficult process conditions that are typical for e.g. recycled board production, such as high process water conductivity and high ash content in furnish.

  • partly based on biobased, renewable raw materials
  • unique dual component polymer structure with high molecular weight
  • typical dry strength improvement +15% (SCT, CMT, Burst)
  • simple application as liquid pump-and-go polymer

EcoBond ECA (Engineered Cellulose Additive) is a unique biobased product for reliable strength enhancement in paper and board, allowing cost-efficiency without compromising production efficiency. The cellulose derivative is a highly anionic, high solids product with proven, strong binding ability in demanding conditions. EcoBond ECA performance is not affected by system conductivity and it is not sensitive to contaminants, such as sulfites and phosphates or system pH.

  • Fiber treatment: EcoBond ECA can enhance sheet strength by 15–25% in packaging and board. In many cases, the strength program has also e.g. improved retention and drainage and thus provided significant production increase.
  • Filler treatment: e.g. in fine and graphic papers, EcoBond ECA (EcoFill) can help increase filler content by up to 10%, reducing fiber raw material costs and energy needed in the production process.

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