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Superior binding strength for paper and board coating applications

Coating binders

Typically, a half of the coating cost at a paper or a board mill come from the binders that are used to bind the coating together to the base board. Kemira’s unique coating binders allow paper and board manufacturers to achieve twice the binding power of standard binders.

Optimize coating quality and performance with FennoBind™

Kemira FennoBind products are synthetic binders that provide superior binding power and improve the quality and end-use properties of the coated paper or board. The secret to the superior binding strength is the patented ultrafine particle size technology combined with the product’s high specific surface area (SSA). You can use less binders without jeopardizing the print quality, the optical properties or the surface strength of your paper or board.

FennoBind technology offers versatile means to optimize coating quality and performance as well as production efficiency and costs regarding added components and their runnability.

Improving coating quality:

  • optimize coating coverage
  • improve optical properties such as opacity, gloss, and brightness
  • improve print eveness and reduce smearing

Enabling cost savings:

  • reduce or eliminate higher-cost coating pigments through improved coating coverage and optical properties
  • save on drying energy due to higher porosity in coating layer
  • reduce the use of binders while maintaining same surface strength
  • improve print efficiency with faster ink setting time

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