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Optimum performance and desired tissue and towel properties

Creping adhesives

In the tissue and towel manufacturing process, creping is a crucial step for obtaining the desired sheet properties. Creping process impacts e.g. the softness and bulk of the sheet. Kemira’s complete product portfolio of crepe adhesives, crepe releases, and crepe modifiers ensure creping process performance. Combined with our tissue process expertise and unique tools for sheet quality analysis, we can help our customers optimize the sheet characteristics.

FennoCrepe™ for improving creping efficiency

Our FennoCrepe product portfolio offers an effective range of creping adhesives, crepe releases, and crepe modifiers for the manufacturing of tissue and towel grades. The products are designed for optimum performance in the entire spectrum of creping conditions, from high sheet moisture wet crepe machines to low sheet moisture dry crepe machines.

Crepe adhesives

  • control tissue sheet transfer from the felt to the Yankee cylinder
  • optimize contact adhesion at the creping blade
  • protect the Yankee cylinder surface

Crepe releases

  • reduce adhesion (peel adhesion) and allow for doctoring
  • lubricate metal to metal surfaces

Crepe modifiers

  • plasticizers: uniformly soften the coating
  • humectants: hold moisture in the coating
  • reduce or increase adhesion
  • inhibit corrosion

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