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Control foam and entrained air in pulp and paper processes

Defoamers for pulp and paper

Foam control and air removal are crucial to prevent various quality, operational, and production issues at pulp and paper mills and in molded fiber production. Kemira has a complete line of defoamers to effectively control foam and entrained air in all pulp and paper processes, from pulping to coating applications and wastewater treatment.

FennoTech™ defoamers and de-aerators for modern pulp and paper processes

Modern paper and molded fiber machines are very sensitive to foam generation. Closed water systems and the use of new additives increases the foaming potential in pulp and papermaking systems.

Foaming can decrease production and operational efficiency and reduce pulp and final paper quality and e.g. increase bleaching chemical usage. It can even lead to environmental claims and cause safety hazards due to slips and falls at the mill.

Kemira’s harmonized portfolio of FennoTech antifoaming agents includes dedicated defoamers and de-aerators to meet the needs of all pulp and paper applications.

Benefits Applications
Water-based deaerators
  • Entrained air removal
  • Lower impact on downstream processes and chemistries
  • Paper machine white water systems
  • Wastewater treatment lagoons and sludge treatment
  • Cooling towers
  • Size press applications
  • Coating color
Ester-based defoamers and surfactant defoamers
  • Efficient elimination of surface foam
  • Effective than classic water-based defoamers
  • Size press applications
  • Coating color preparation
  • Tissue machine white water systems
  • Pigment slurries
  • Thermomechanical pulp
Oil-based and extended oil-based defoamers
  • Traditional elimination of surface foam
  • Highly efficient and persistent with low cost
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sludge control
  • Coating color preparation
  • Kraft pulping
Silicone emulsions
  • Efficient control of entrained air and surface foam
  • Resistant to harsh conditions
Pulping and pulp washing
Flash tanks
Polymeric defoamers*
  • Cleaner pulp production
  • Reduces bleaching chemical consumption
  • Patented technology
  • Pulping
  • Brown stock washing and dewatering

*) Polymeric defoamers are currently available in the Americas and APAC.

Combined with our application expertise, advanced dosing technologies, and smart solutions for real-time chemistry monitoring and control, we provide a comprehensive and cost-efficient approach to foam control in paper machines and pulp mills.



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