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Oil and grease barrier for fiber-based food service packaging

Barrier coatings

FennoGuard™ barrier coatings are Kemira’s answer to the packaging value chain’s need to find new solutions to replace plastics and fluorochemicals used in paper, board, and molded fiber packaging. The high-performing barrier coatings provide grease, oil, water, and moisture barrier properties for food service applications and enable recyclable and repulpable packaging materials.

Kemira FennoGuard™ GO is a novel water-based dispersion barrier coating for food service paper and board used for packaging e.g. fresh and dry food, takeaway products, and bakery products. FennoGuard GO helps reduce plastics use and is partially based on renewable raw material to replace fossil-based chemistries, further impacting the environmental footprint. Our barrier coating provides:

  • excellent oil and grease barrier properties
  • tailored water vapor resistance
  • functional barrier against mineral oil residual migration (MOSH, MOAH) in recycled board

Tailored barrier properties for specific end-use needs

Kemira’s dispersion barrier coating technology is based on an open formula to ensure optimized performance for various end-use demands. FennoGuard GO is compatible with other coating components, such as pigments and additives, and has proven runnability on both paper and board machines and on converting lines.

  • Low blocking tendency
  • Good converting properties (creasing and folding without cracking)
  • Repulpable

FennoGuard GO is compliant with:

  • EU Framework regulation
  • FDA CFR Title 21
  • GB 9685

Read more: FAQ on FennoGuard GO

Kemira FennoGuard RP is a dispersion barrier coating made from recycled raw materials. It provides water, moisture, and grease barriers and helps replace extrusion coatings (PE) and fluorochemicals (PFAS) in food service applications. FennoGuard RP delivers excellent performance in food service cups.

  • recyclable and repulpable
  • heat sealable
  • compliant with FDA and BfR regulations

FennoGuard RP is currently available in the Americas market.


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Technical data sheet


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