Tissue paper rolls on production line.
Softeners, debonders, and functional promoters for tissue and towel

Tissue specialties

With our application expertise on tissue processes and a portfolio of tissue specialties, we help tissue and towel manufacturers to improve their machine and production efficiency while ensuring that product quality and properties meet desired targets.

FennoSoft products help you meet your specific sheet quality targets by improving sheet softness properties and by controlling tensile strength in tissue and towel grades. FennoSoft products are cationic and nonionic concentrated proprietary formulations.

  • Softeners and debonders added to the thick stock at the wet end
  • Sheet spray softeners applied to the sheet on the felt fabric, prior to the Yankee dryer
  • Lotions are applied to a dried sheet in converting

Our FennoPol™ FP and FennoBond FP functional promoters technology enhances wet end functional chemical performance for varying furnish types and grades.

They can improve the performance of e.g. permanent and temporary wet strengths, dry strengths, softeners, and debonders. With a simple pump-and-go application, our functional promoters offer all-around improvement to total process operation efficiency.

  • improve functional chemicals sheet fixation
  • improve efficiency of organic contaminants control
  • improve binding of fines and filler in the sheet
  • reduce total solids in white water system
  • improve machine dewatering rate


Performic acid (PFA) is a halogen-free biocide that is highly effective against primary-biofilm forming bacteria and a good fit for microbe control for tissue machines. It improves paper machine cleanliness without generating persistent AOX compounds in wastewater or leaving biocidal residuals in the paper product. FennoSan PFA is halogen-free, corrosion safe, and also fully biodegradable.

In tissue machines, PFA-based biocide programs can be targeted specifically at the most problematic microbes with the help of advanced monitoring technologies. Applying PFA in tissue machines allows for a total solution approach as it also impacts the runnability and helps to optimize process efficiency.

PFA technology is currently available in APAC and EMEA


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