Defeat the microbes – Producing hygienic board

Combating microbe content in fiber-based food packaging is no picnic. Look beyond biocides and learn from our top experts what role chemistry and operations play in ensuring the safety and purity of hygienic board.
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The demand for hygienic board is on the rise as consumers opt for renewable, safe, and functional fiber-based packaging for their food and beverages. At the same time, food contact materials need to meet the strictest microbiological requirements to ensure the health of end users.

Combating microbe content in food packaging is no picnic. If you tackle the challenge by adding massive doses of biocides, you’ll risk the safety of the end product due to residual chemicals. However, with the right know-how and the help of chemistry, you can ensure both the high hygiene of the board and the productivity of the mill.

This year, Kemira is hosting a series of webinars focusing on the key topics around food packaging board. In this second webinar of the series, we’ll focus on hygienic board.

Watch the webinar to hear about

  • the regulations and microbiological targets in hygienic board
  • typical issues caused by microbiological activity in board machines
  • effective microbe control with the help of chemistry
  • spores and how to steer clear of them

Learn from our top experts how to predict and prevent issues related to microbe content in hygienic board and qualify for the high demands related to purity.


Marko Kolari.

Marko Kolari

Sr. Principal Scientist, Microbiology & Biotechnology
Mark Nelson.

Mark Nelson

Sr Manager, Applications

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