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Toward 100% renewable sizing

In this webinar, we discuss the role of hydrophobation and introduce a novel internal sizing chemical for paper and board applications.


Elisabeth Lackinger-Csarmann.

Elisabeth Lackinger-Csarmann

Technology Manager, Process & Functional Chemistries
Josep Lluis Bisbal.

Josep Lluis Bisbal

Senior Sales Manager

This year, Kemira is hosting a series of webinars discussing the anatomy of sustainable packaging. Chemistry is an important, yet often invisible, enabler in the fiber-based value chain. In this first webinar of the series, we focus on hydrophobation of paper and board.

Our experts share their insights on the role of sizing in the globally growing packaging market and discuss how fiber-based packaging material manufacturers can reach liquid resistance and other functional properties for their products with sustainable solutions.

We introduce a novel highly functional and cost-effective internal sizing chemical that is based on renewable raw material. The maleated high oleic sunflower oil, MSOHO, is a new molecule developed for internal sizing. Replacing fossil-based olefin with vegetable oil as the raw material impacts the end-products’ environmental footprint and supports the packaging value chain in the pursuit toward more sustainable packaging.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear about

  • market trends for renewable packaging
  • sizing chemistries and hydrophobation
  • the development of a renewable internal sizing chemical
  • MSOHO product properties and compliance

You should watch this webinar if you are interested in solutions that help improve the sustainability of fiber-based packaging and want to hear more about the innovative internal sizing chemical that is based on renewable raw material.


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