Sustainability is at the core of how we operate: we are committed to sustainability, ethical behavior, and the right way of doing things for our business and for the planet. Our approach to sustainability means a more trustworthy investment for our shareholders; for our customers, it brings better resource efficiency, reliability, and confidence that chemicals they are using are made and supplied in an ethical, sustainable manner. And in communities around the world, it helps us to be seen as a trusted partner, employer, and business leader. 

Sustainability at Kemira

Everything we do has an impact – economic, social, environmental – at different points in the value chain. At Kemira, we take sustainability for our material impacts, whether they are negative or positive, risk or opportunity.

We, like our stakeholders, value safe, clean, healthy environments and decent quality of life. We see sustainability as essential to long-term financial success. It’s the best way to operate for our business, our shareholders, our employees, and our planet.

We focus the active management of sustainability on three priority areas:

  • Sustainable products and solutions
  • Responsible operations and supply chain
  • People and integrity

These three priorities cover our six most material topics which relate to products addressing customers’ sustainability requirements, safe use of our products throughout their lifecycle, environmental impacts and safety of our operations, responsible business practices in our supply chain, and our people and business integrity.

How We Manage Sustainability


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products and solutions

From water treatment to industries, our products and solutions are used in almost every corner of the world. Kemira’s purpose is to help our customers to improve their water, energy and raw material efficiency by introducing sustainable products and solutions to the market.

For us it is also important that all health, safety and environmental aspects of our products throughout their lifecycle are properly addressed in all what we do.

Sustainable products

Products and solutions that address our customers’ sustainability requirements are a crucial part of Kemira’s long-term strategy and core business. Our innovation work addresses global trends such as recycling, e-commerce, growing middle classes, regulation, and scarcity of resources. The use of our products and solutions benefits our customers by:

  • Optimizing product quality and yield
  • Enhancing process and energy efficiency
  • Ensuring that water quality meets end-use specifications and regulatory requirements.

Product stewardship

Kemira’s Product Stewardship Policy defines the minimum requirements for our operations to ensure that our products can be safely used by our stakeholders, and that chemical risks and their impacts are incorporated in decision-making processes related to our business.

We work to ensure the products we supply can be safely used around the world by our customers.

We proactively respond to potential regulatory changes and identify less hazardous and more sustainable alternatives for raw materials. Other measures include ensuring safe transportation, handling, storage and disposal of our products in the value chain.

Kemira Product stewardship governance (.pdf)
Kemira Product stewardship policy (.pdf)




operations and supply chain

Safety and minimized environmental impact are of utmost importance to our operations. High-performing environmental, health, safety and quality management is fundamental to Kemira. It is an integral part of our daily business management and daily work. We want to work as a responsible company within our entire value chain, from procurement of raw materials to the manufacturing and delivery of the right quality products to our customers on time and safely.

Responsible operations

We are stringent about ensuring responsible operations to protect our assets, our environment, employees, contractors, customers and communities. Systematic management is our approach to prevent malfunctions in chemical operations which may lead to incidents with impact on environment or employee’s health and safety or our assets.

Kemira has a principle that all operations under our Integrated Management System meet the international standards ISO 9001:2015 for Quality, ISO 14001:2015 for Environment, and OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety. Our Energy Management System is certified to ISO 50001:2001.

Some of our major product lines are very energy-intensive with environmental impact through carbon emissions. The key solutions that will enable emissions reductions include: sourcing zero-emission electricity, switching to renewables for our sites, electrification of processes at our sites, and energy efficiency.

Read Kemira EHSQ policy statement (.pdf)

Toxic Reduction Plans and NPRI reports for Canada

Kemira St. Catharines NPRI TRA Report 2019 (.pdf)
Kemira St. Catharines E.C.A. Annual Written Summary 2019 (.pdf)

Responsible supply chain management

Our Supplier Management focus is on improving economic performance, anticipating risk, and initiating approaches with suppliers that are responsible and innovative. All our suppliers must follow our Code of Conduct for Business Partners (CoC-BP) in relation to all of their dealings with Kemira. This code contains requirements on issues including responsible business conduct, respect for human rights and provision of appropriate working conditions, and environmental responsibility. In addition, our strategic, critical, and large spend suppliers are requested to participate in a sustainability assessment process based on the principles of the UN Global Compact and the Responsible Care program.

Read our Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Statement for slavery and human trafficking 2020 (.pdf)
Statement on conflict minerals 2019 (.pdf)

People and integrity

People and integrity

People and integrity

Culture and commitment to people

Everything we do is based on people and integrity. Company-wide, we strive to foster a culture of openness, respect and curiosity. Our commitment to people is our foundation for succeeding now and in the future. Integrity starts with each one of us, and this is best exemplified in our Code of Conduct. We believe that how we do things is even more important than what we do.

Culture and commitment to people

By developing our competences and skill sets, attracting the best talent, and creating an environment in which ideas and initiatives flourish, we create long-term success for our people and our business.

Attracting key talent, as well as retaining our employees and growing their capabilities, is crucial to our current and future success. As employees, we want Kemira to be a place where we continually learn and improve ourselves. The company provides competence-based training programs by role, as well as leadership and development training.

Moreover, we strive to build an inclusive, diverse workforce. Our over 5,000 employees are from 60 different nationalities and all backgrounds are welcome and respected.

Compliance with Kemira Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct helps our employees get the guidance they need to do their jobs in a lawful and ethical manner. It guides us in how to live our values and our Code principles in every decision and action we take.
Code of Conduct training is mandatory to all our employees and there are advisory, monitoring and reporting procedures in place to ensure proper accomplishment of the Code. Ethics and Compliance Hotline is available for employees enabling them to report potential violations of the Code of Conduct or any other concerns.

Our Ethics and Compliance Program aims to enhance compliance management at Kemira on a continuous basis by ensuring measures to prevent, detect and respond potential ethics and compliance breaches.

Read Kemira’s Code of Conduct

Our Corporate Sustainability targets

Sustainable products

Share of revenue from products used for use-phase resource efficiency. At least 50% of Kemira’s revenue generated through products improving customers’ resource efficiency.

Climate change

Reduce by 30% combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG emission across the whole company by 2030 compared to 2018 baseline (930 thousand tonnes CO2eq). Ambition to be carbon neutral by 2045.

Workplace safety

Achieve zero injuries on long term; TRIF 2.0 by end of 2020.

Supplier management

% of direct key suppliers screened through sustainability assessments and audits (cumulative %). The target includes 5 sustainability audits for highest risk suppliers every year, and cumulatively 25 by 2020.

Employee engagement index

Engagement score above the external industry norm.

Leadership development activities

On average two leadership development activities per people manager position during 2016-2020, the cumulative target is 1,500 by 2020.

Integrity index

KPI to measure compliance with the Kemira Code of Conduct. The target is to maintain the Integrity Index level above the industry benchmark.

Management approach

Our approach to sustainability is guided by our principal impacts through our value creation model, our stakeholders’ expectations, and our commitments to Code of Conduct and internationally defined principles.

Read more in our Annual Report

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